Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hung Up On Hangers

Hung-Up-On-Hangers I have bought a lot of clothes online from Spiegel and Newport News in the past, but now I can’t recall the last time I made a purchase from either outfit.

In the past, Spiegel and Newport News offered different lines of clothing; the Spiegel line was more expensive and usually of better quality than the Newport News line.

“Since 2004, Spiegel and the women's fashion catalog Newport News have operated under the name Spiegel Brands, Inc.” (source: Wikipedia)

During the past few years, the lines have been merging. I first noticed the merger in their footwear offerings; shoes Spiegel sold were also available from Newport News and vice versa. Now it seems their clothing lines are merging, too. As a result, Newport News' offerings are as expensive as Spiegel's offerings.

That doesn't bother me and is not the reason I stopped buying from Spiegel and Newport News.

Besides buying more in person in brick and mortar stores, the other reason I have not been buying from Spiegel or Newport News is because I do not like the way they display their clothing.

In the past, they showed models wearing the clothing they sold. Today, they show most of their offerings without models; their clothing looks as if it is on invisible hangers.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to see the clothing modeled by models, not wire hangers because I get a much better idea of how the clothes look on a real person when they are worn by a real person.

Buying from a catalog that does not use models is like buying clothing off the rack without trying the clothing on before purchasing.

Sure I know that the body of a model in the Victoria's Secret catalog in no way represents my body, but at least I can see how the clothing is supposed to look on a real person and gauge how it might look on me. Whereas clothing displayed on a hanger in a catalog tells me nothing except how it will look hanging in my closet!

Fashionista Trivia

How many fashionistas remember when Newport News was known as Avon Fashions?


  1. I agree clothing on models is much better! even if they are 5 inches taller, I can guess-timate how long or short say a dress will be on me.

    Would love if you could check out my latest outfit post?

    Jess XO

  2. Stana,
    I completely agree with your position. Clothing is three dimensional and the invisible hanger barely gives two. Depth and length on the body are critical in assession how something may look on you.
    Even in brick and mortar stores where the actual garments are hung on hangers and racks the store will be populated with displays of their clothing on mannequins and other body forms.