Saturday, June 23, 2012

Womanless Pick of the Week

This week's pick of womanless events is the March 24 beauty pageant held as a fundraiser for the Band Boosters of Cass High School in White, GA. The Band Boosters enlisted local "businesswomen" to compete in the pageant and despite some facial hair, the "gals" did a credible job of displaying their womanly wiles. As usual, the girl I picked to win (see photo), did not.)

Thank you, Aunty Marlena for sending me the link to this event.


  1. My vote would be for Eulanda Jackets.

  2. Is she carrying a head or is that painted on the back wall? Nice pick Stana

  3. Mabe --- It is a painting on the door behind her.

  4. Without looking closely, I thought it was a bouquet LOL. The blue hat matches the dress quite well! She didn't win because she looked to good. Of course, we would also all have that problem if we were to enter and didn't hold back :)