Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trying Something New

I just came into a free stash of wax strips by the brand name of "Parissa."

I have never used wax strips and was looking for a little advice from anyone who has used them.

"Parissa's gentle, natural products result in salon-smooth skin that lasts for weeks. Skin stays smoother longer since regrowth is sparser and finer. Parissa products also exfoliate the skin and removes impurities for healthy, radiant skin. Results: smooth soft skin for up to 6 weeks; clean, supple results; safer than lotions & lasers; finer, sparser regrowth."

The part about "6 weeks" really got my attention.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I've never tried waxing, either, but I've used an electric epilator that pulls the hair out by the root, which is about the same thing.

    The effect is much better than shaving, and it does last longer, and some hairs may not grow back at all. There is some pain, but it's not that bad.

    But watch out for ingrown hairs!

    Remember to exfoliate and moisturize regularly to minimize that problem.

    Hope this helps.


  2. err, that is "up too" a phrase I think I might add to "one size fits all" "Hold ups" and "Lasts all day"

  3. I don't knoW about these, but I wanted to thank you for recommending the RCMA beard cover. It's amazing I can't see any shadow at all now and can use much less foundation. It really helps with my confidence level.

    I bought a new LBD from Costco today for $30. I couldn't wait to get home and try it on. After getting changed, I went out to a nearby Chinese restaurant with my DW. I don't think the staff knew at all. At least they didnt let on. I spilled some wonton soup in my lap, but luckily it wasnt too hot. The only glitch was when DW referred to me as "he" at one point. I don't think the waitress quite heard it. She didn't react anyway. The owner said "Have a nice evening, ladies." on our way out.

    This has done wonders for my confidence . Thanks again.


    Sue McDonnell

  4. It's 6 weeks of natal woman hair growth, unjustly. I got my upper front waxed professionally after 2 tries with messy home remedies. It was quick and very smooth and lasted a week or so. Then I bought an epilator (Emjoi AP-18) that is my current weapon of discomfort. Yes, the hairs do loose faith after a while and get thinner. The big key to any pulling out plan is to use 'Tend Skin" afterwards to keep the ingrown nasties at bay. Oh! It became my favorite!

    AFter using the epilator I now wonder how long a real pro waxing might last? Except you have to let things grow out first and that is plain depressing. Now my results are based on huge dark ursine hairs that had roots feeding off major organs (though the waxing gal pronounced them lighter than some, eek!). Regular human being hairs might tame easier. Legs get shaved and grow at a fairly manageable femmish rate and I've never waxed them.

    And I would say that waxing, when done right, is less painful than the epilator! When someone else does it you forget to tense up!

  5. Six weeks sounds good, shaving hardly lasts a couple of days. Neem or nair is much better but 6 weeks, worth a try.

  6. I've had my back, neck, brows, waxed at various times. I bought a couple of self-waxing kits but I've never gotten the nerve to actually use one. Waxing HURTS.

    Plus, last time I had my neck done I had a lot of ingrown hairs so I'm taking a break from that.

  7. Wax on...wax off.

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  8. Susan what is a dw? I can think of one but I want the official.

  9. Mabe,

    That would be Darling Wife.


  10. I'm sure wax strips will be just fine, Stana.

    I have and use an electric Epilator regularly and it is only somewhat painful. My legs have almost no hair on them anywhere and my private parts stay pretty much naked as well.

    On my stomach, chest, and back, my hair is usually think but no more, hair does grow in but what does is thin.

    I'd say the biggest thing to watch-out for is ingrown hairs, these can lead to problems. To avoid them I exfoliate regularly.