Friday, June 8, 2012

Dress Code

don't-mind-how-you-dress_revised Human Resources sent an e-mail out yesterday titled "Dress Code."

We expect you to report for work in appropriate attire. The image projected by personnel is important to our company’s success. Even though we have adopted a casual dress code policy, you should exercise discretion in selecting clothes suited to a casual business environment.

For example, the following are not appropriate attire for an office environment:

•    Backless or see-through shirts and/or styles that expose the abdomen, excessive skin or undergarments

•    Ripped/torn clothing or jeans and low-rise styles that expose excessive skin/undergarments

•    Miniskirts/dresses, short shorts and cut-offs shorts

•    Stretch/stirrup pants/leggings unless combined w/mid-thigh length top

•    Visible foundation garments, low cut and/or suggestive clothing

•    Clothing that is unwashed or stained

•    Bare feet, over the knee boots and beach shoes (rubber flip-flops)

Ouch - My wardrobe resembles some of that banned attire!

Leaving work yesterday, I mentioned to the receptionist that I will have to start abiding by the dress code.

"No miniskirts for me tomorrow," I remarked.

She laughed.

If she only knew! (And maybe someday, she will.)


  1. A friend at work was heading out for a quick pedicure while I was heading out right behind for a sandwich. Our coworker commented on how she should enjoy her pedicure and then asked boy mode me if I was going to get one too? I didn't have the nerve to say, "Not today. I went last week and got a lovely pedi and massage" even though it was true.

  2. I wear clothes like minis and short-shorts because I like how they make me look, my age doesn't really play a role. This "code" is reminiscent of the Stuyvesant High School dress code which caused a "slut walk" as a form of student protest! LMFAO, girls simply enjoy being noticed, as do I.

  3. Does that mean the uniforms on ST:TNG are inappropriate?

    As I recall, they wore stirrup pants to give the legs a wrinkle free appearance. And very few of the uniform tunics went all the way down to mid thigh length.

  4. Our 'summer dress code reminder' came out today. For women appropriate footwear includes "Dress Shoes; Flat Shoes, Loafers, Heeled Dress Sandals".
    For men appropriate footwear means, "Closed Toes Dress Shoes with Socks, Loafers".
    Why must men wear socks and there is no corresponding requirement for women?