Monday, June 18, 2012

Very Comfortable

Today, I will do outreach at a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University.

A few days ago, Leeanne commented, "You must feel very comfortable in your skin to be able to go into the situations you go into Stana."

Yes, I am very comfortable.

I admit that before I take that first step out the door en femme, I am a little hesitant. Part of it is due to fear and part of it is due to awe.

 "Fear" that something may go wrong. (Except for an occasional wardrobe malfunction, nothing has ever gone wrong.)

"Awe" that I am actually going out en femme and functioning as a woman in society.

I hesitate for only a moment or two, then push myself out the door.

As soon as I hear the click of my high heels on the floor, pavement, sidewalk, or wherever I take those first steps, I stop thinking about being en femme because at that point, I am femme.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    Stana, I think you nailed it in your closing sentence. This is that moment when you take pride in knowing who you are. It's a moment that fear can try to take from you. Fear is in ever aspect of every persons life, doubt often listens to that fear and will reinforce it to the point of inhibiting a person to live life. Wasn't it Robert frost that said, "Freedom is the courage to live boldly."? In our timidness we are slaves to the world around us. Go you you and make us all proud!

  2. Considering how this society views trans-anything, you are certainly an inspiration to us all, Stana! Best of everything!

  3. Dear Stana,

    You go, girl!

    Click, click, click, click ... keep your lovely heels making those delightful sounds.

    Have a wonderful time doing your outreach today.




  4. I have been following your blog for several months. The term is lurking. I am finally moved to post and tell you that I find you to be an inspiration. Your courage and bravery to be who you are is magnificent. I, too, am femme born in a male body. Finally I am coming out and showing who I really am. Your blog and courage has helped immensely.

    Thank you.