Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday, Monday


"Monday, Monday; can't stand that day"

Except when I am going out en femme on a Monday. And that is the case this Monday when I will be doing outreach at Professor Schildroth's Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University.

This outreach may be a little different than most because there are only six students in the class, all female by the way. Most classes are bigger; as I recall, the smallest class I have outreached before this one had about 15 students.

With larger classes, you would expect a larger pool of questions during Q&A, but that is not always the case because some students seem intimidated by their fellow students and will not ask questions.

With a small group of six, the potential pool of questions will be smaller, but maybe the students will be less intimidated and more willing to ask their questions.


  1. Sounds interesting. You must feel very comfortable in your skin to be able to go into the situations you go into Stana.


  2. Do you think having an all female group will increase the chances of in-depth questions with out the possible "male" influence?

  3. Great song, Stana! Great group, too. Best of everything with your Out-reach, do let us know how it goes!