Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Washouts

2012-02-06_wear_lace My blogging this weekend and last was limited.

A relative took up permanent residence in a convalescent home and my wife and I are her only living responsible relatives. (There are two other living relatives, but one is residing in the same convalescent home and the other is totally irresponsible.) As a result, my wife and I spent the last two weekends emptying my relative's apartment.

When we weren't dealing with that, we were catching up with other matters that were neglected while we were dealing with that. As a result, the blog took a hit the past two weekends in case you didn't notice.

I promise to return to our normally scheduled programming ASAP. Meanwhile, I leave you with this item from Daily Makeover: 10 Ways to Look Instantly Sexier!


  1. Your family (even an extended family member) comes first. It doesn't sound like it was a pleasant task. You have my sympathies.


    (PS. You don't have to publish this if you don't want to.)

  2. Yes. your family first. I know, I'm the not so reliable one.

  3. Stana, your ability to step up to your responsibilities can never undermine your abilities to do so much for the all you care so deeply for. Take all the time you need, and thank you again for being you.