Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Couples Dressing Like Girls

peaches_geldof_boyfriend_thomas_cohen This is old news from last August about a celebrity couple who dress like girls.

I was clueless about the "celebrity" of the couple and had to look them up and they still mean nothing to me, but that is not important.

What is important is that the story is an example of a woman who is ok with her man dressing like a woman.

Admittedly, he is not fully femulating and this might have been a one shot visit to the wild side because I cannot find any other photos of the guy in feminine attire. So, go figure.

Anyway, I don’t know many women who are ok with their men dressing like women.

The first time I encountered such a woman was at an IFGE convention I attended a few years ago in Philly. At the opening of the convention, I noticed a couple impeccably dressed in matching skirt suits. He was tall and she was petite and I wondered where they found matching outfits, but throughout the convention, they appeared in new matching outfits each day and each evening.

I was a little jealous. The wife was one in a million and I wish mine was a little bit like her. But I got over it.

Since then, I have encountered other similar couples, that is, women who are comfortable (to one degree or another) with their transwomen partner.

And it's getting better all the time.

In general, the younger generations are more accepting of transgender. It is not a big deal breaker as it is in older generations (like mine).

And so it goes.


  1. Stana,

    Natalie my partner is ok with my dressing although she does not accompany me as she does not appreciate my female voice. I also wont feel comfortable if I'm not. I'm about 10 years younger than you so we are making progress.


  2. My experience has taught me MOST GGs don't care for us. I submit my "type" of woman is up for interpretation.

    It merely comes down to choices.

  3. Jenna R EvansFebruary 28, 2012

    I think we were at the same IFGE, I remember that couple. Very cute!

  4. My wife is totally OK with my feminine side as well. She has no issues being out in public with me enfemme. We even have the kids with us much of the time. This sort of picture is common place in our family.

  5. Fabulous! Thank you for your store Stana, you said "Since then, I have encountered other similar couples, that is, women who are comfortable (to one degree or another) with their transwomen partner.

    And it's getting better all the time" I wish things would get even better and I would love to see it my self. Keep up your awesome work in Equality.

  6. Jenna --- I attended the IFGE convention in 2004.

  7. Ms. Stana
    Have not commented on your blog for almost a life time, but thought that I should at least come on and let you know that I, like many others, are still here and we all luv ya so much for what you and others are doing.
    Your comment above are slowly coming true, the more we see men wearing skirts/dresses etc. the more it will happen.
    I'm getting up in age, so I won't be around for when its in its bloom but oh weel.

    Luv Ya Stana


  8. Me and my wife we go 99% of time as two girls... loving each other. It's wonderful and she's encouraging me to be more and more feminine. We go shopping, have a coffee, clubbin', no matter where... and as I don't have any male clothes/shoes/stuffs, I'm always in girl-mode (sometimes I try an androgynous look). Even so, we have heterosexual and lesbian sex games so we do not get bored at all :)

  9. Dear Stana

    The photo and the original article seem unfortunately misleading. If you re-study both carefully, he is in fact wearing shorts; the photo gives an optical illusion of a skirt.

    This does also help to explain why there are no other pics of him in "female" clothing