Monday, February 6, 2012

Femulate Reviewed

This old blog gets reviewed by this new blog.


  1. Instead of the blogger's "she appears to be" s/he could have dropped you a note and asked!

  2. The blog posting was generally supportive of Femulate because Femulate is a great blog.
    I think that at some point I read your entire blog and it seems that the author only read a weeks worth of postings. Not a very full review.
    It also seems that the reviewer has a bias against you based purely on your status of being born a white male and the fact that you are clearly a priviliged person since you seem to have access to a reliable computer. This form of class envy is not good for anyone. While the blog review was positive because youhave a good blog the reviewer's underlying bias came through in a painful fashion and was not necessary.

  3. Stana, we used to call a situation like this similar to "being kissed by your sister".