Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss Lutz

For years, a continuing sub-sub-plot on NBC’s 30 Rock is that J. D. Lutz (played by John Lutz) is a tran. Last night's episode moved this up another notch.

Lutz is lonely on Valentine's Day. He receives advice on how to pick up women from the characters played by Tracy Morgan and Judah Friedlander.

One ridiculous strategy they offer is to go to a woman's clothing store, change the label on a size 6 swimsuit to a size 12, wait for a woman to try on the mislabeled swimsuit, and when the unsuspecting woman becomes upset because the size 12 swimsuit does not fit, Lutz should approach the woman and say, "Hey, Baby, what's wrong?" The woman will be so appreciative of his sympathy that she will be his.

Desperate Lutz follows this advice, goes to a woman's clothing store, and sticks a size 6 label over a size 12 label on a swimsuit. Problem is that a saleswoman sees him at the swimsuit rack and asks if he needs assistance.

The saleswoman's asks, "Are you shopping for someone? Do you know what size she is?"

Lutz is so nervous, he is unable to answer her questions.
She misinterprets Lutz nervousness and with a knowing smile indicates that she understands. "It's OK, I have an uncle who uses my discount here all the time."

In the next scene, Lutz is trying on a one-piece woman's swimsuit and exclaims, "I'll take it."

You can view the episode here; the swimsuit scene starts at the 29-minute mark.


  1. Speaking of shopping! This Sunday many people will be visiting JCPenny in support of their ad spokes person, Ellen Degeneres. It seems the "million moms" advocacy group want's JCP to fire Ellen, because she "Represent the gay community thus bad family values".

  2. Oops I forgot to mention, Could this be a better excuse to go SHOPPING!glant

  3. In the mirror you can see the sales associate's obvious glee as she contemplated her next sale to Mr. Lutz.