Thursday, February 16, 2012

Transform for a Better America

pamphlet With unemployment at 8.3% nationwide, the Obama administration yesterday announced a new program to reduce unemployment.

During the recession, male workers were hit harder than their female counterparts. And during the recovery, females have been more successful at finding jobs than males. In fact, the rate of unemployment among males has worsened during the recovery, while females have made great gains. It is the positive job growth of the females that is responsible for bringing down the unemployment rate from its peak of 10% in October 2009.

That being the state of the nation's work environment, the administration is laying out plans to feminize unemployed male workers in order to make them more attractive candidates for the jobs that are out there.

In her announcement about the new program, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis stated, "Let me make this clear: we are not urging males to have sex reassignment surgery, but we are suggesting that unemployed males seriously consider crossdressing on a full-time basis in order to get jobs."

In addition to putting unemployed males back to work as women, the economy will be stimulated by a surge in the retail sales of women's products and services by the new full-time "women." This surge will also create new employment opportunities in the retail sector.

“It’s a win-win situation!” Solis suggested, “The guys who become gals will be shopping their hearts out for a new wardrobe. Sales will boom and retailers will have to hire new salespeople to handle the demand. So why not hire guys to be their new salesgirls?”

Solis estimates that 7 to 8 million males can be feminized and employed during the next six months and that the success of this program will stimulate an additional 14 to 16 million males to be feminized over the following year. This will bring the unemployment rate down to about 5.5%.

Women are encouraged to help feminize their unemployed males and they will be assisted by a new government pamphlet titled "Transform Your Male to Female for a Better America." The Labor Deportment will also establish Feminization Training Facilities (FTFs) in 73 cities throughout the US, which will offer a free one-week course for male-to-female trainees.

Visit the Deportment of Labor's website for more information.


  1. Oh but only if were true...

  2. This is precious

  3. I do hope this is meant as a joke. I can forgive poor taste (it is a staple of humor after all), but if this is meant in serious tones? Just more femicentric cr@p. Like we need more gynocentric goggles to view the world with!
    Men have been hurt more than women in this recession, but even as a transgendered MTF myself, I get tired of the "man bad, woman good" propaganda/moralizing/demonizing of man & pedestalizing of woman.
    When women did less well in school, it was a problem, an epidemic. Now women earn more degrees, and at higher levels, than men, but now it's because women are BETTER...

    Enough crap. WE should know better, as we see both sides. Given the vile things the likes of Germaine Greer and Valerie Solanas have said, this is mild, but think of the waves on the shoreline: they wear the shore away. Feminization today, "for their own good", castration tomorrow, for the same reason.
    My issues with gender allow me to see and despise the inequalities of both. But it's how lifestyle is, we can't change the laws of physics by fiat law. Or is it only a problem when women are disadvantaged? When men are disadvantaged, men need to do more, when women are disadvantaged we need special programs, quotas, and relaxed entrance requirements... for the women only, mind?

    You've had a great blog until now, but this aligns too much with rad-fem/feminazi propaganda to suit me. After 36 years of watching women get babied, treated with kid gloves, worshipped, and finally seeing them turn into attentions whores and privilege queens while they STILL act like they're oppressed, I'm done. Women only see the men at the top; regular guys (like me, or below) are INVISIBLE. Like a woman in her 40s doesn't attract male attention, for example. Difference is, only a few men EVER make it to the top. Women have their beauty handed ti them as a gift from nature, then complain the RIGHT (alpha, apex) males don't fawn over them... while throwing hissy fits (example: sexual harassment claims) if the IT geek LOOKS at her wrong.


  4. Is this for real and, if so, where do I sign up?

  5. It would be nice if it where true.

  6. Sign me up! I think April 1 would be a good date for me to start the training. - Diane

  7. About time! Where were these programs years ago anyway...?

  8. Maybe this De"port"ment can also me used to deport all the illegals therefore freeing up government money to help actual citizen?

  9. With discrimination as it is in the workplace, people still fearing official repercussions if they're discovered (the biggest fear I've heard in the transgender community over the decades), others concerned over being ostracized or even subjected to violence by their co-workers, and the many, many I've known who have an impossibly uphill and fearful battle to transition at an unsympathetic workplace, this blog entry could be quite insulting. These conditions all vividly persist today, and was certainly front-and-center at the last place I worked.

    Not to mention the discrimination, sexual harassment, and even worse that genetic women have put up with over the years, beyond the imagination of many men, even us.

    This is just badly and so self-centeredly written. You seem, with so many of your entries, to be out of touch with the world that the rest of us live in.

  10. LOVE It! The Way it Should Be!!! Nice Post Stani!

  11. Time to lighten up a bit. This is satire so don't be offended nor get your hopes up...or let your fears run amok.

  12. The post was great, but "Bill C"'s comment was hilarious1

  13. I usually appreciate your sense of humor, Stana, you know that ... but, with all due respect, I feel like you're a little bit off-base here. Sorry.

    Actually, women have been much worse off in the present recession. In fact, I saw a statistic recently that said something like 1 out of 7 new jobs being created in the U.S. are being filled by men.

    I know this post was satire, and I don't think you're sexist or an anti-feminist. But I fear this post suffers from the same problem as the show "Work It!" did ... it goes on the premise that women are more employable than men because they're "cuter" and because they "shop," and that reinforces a lot of very negative stereotypes.

    In fact, women have a harder time than men finding work (and, for what it's worth, trans women or non-gender conforming men) have it even worse.

    I apologize for being a stick in the mud, but I thought it was important to mention this stuff.

  14. Bill C:"Men have been hurt more in this recession". Very true. However, the "Man-cession" is a man-made phenomenom, brought into being by a male-dominated banking and investment industry. No wonder there are calls for more women at the top to put the brakes on the so-called "financial genuiuses" who get paid obscene amouunts of money - and still call it hideously wrong. If more women had been in top banking jobs on the eve of the last recession we would never have got into the mess we are in!

    1. The problem is systemic and derives from the long-term decline of the US economy based on under-investment relative to its rivals. Nothing to do with whether you have a penis or not.

  15. WOW you really rattled some cages this time, since Men and Women are both suffering more than the other in this recession, maybe those of us who are both or neither can steal a bit of a march on them.....

  16. Please note: This post was a satire, a joke, a funny, a good laugh. If you didn't get it, grow yourself a sense of humor and stop taking everything so seriously!

  17. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

    Quite right Stana, and it was brilliant satire too! Well done and ignore the self-righteous that feel they have to nit-pick for politically correct reasons. As you say it was a bit of fun, they should lighten up! Hugs TinaCortina x