Monday, June 1, 2009

women wear what they want and so do I

I admire Grayson Perry and Eddie Izzard because they are males who wear female clothing and make no bones about it. They don't have secret identities that they hide behind when they crossdress like I do.

"Women wear what they want and so do I," says Izzard.

If I did not have a family to love and support, I believe I would be out there, too, dressing in women's clothing without a secret identity.

But today, I have too much to lose because there are no laws to protect me if I came out as a crossdresser. My employer could let me go for that reason and I would have no recourse.

Also, I love my family and I think that they might be embarrassed and upset if I came out, but I do not know that for sure. It is something I might explore with them if our legislators ever get around to affording some protection at the workplace.

Anyway, I just discovered another male who is out there wearing women's clothing without a secret identity: Andre J.

Not only do I admire Andre J. for what he is doing, but I admire him for how he is doing it, i.e., I like his style. I can definitely see me wearing some of the outfits he has worn, although without a beard.


  1. Good points, I didn't know Andre J, thanks for sharing that.

    I hope that one day our jobs are protected from this kind of discrimination and ignorance.

  2. Two more males who wear what they want--fashion designer Philippe Blond and Japanese makeup artist/singer/media star Ikko.

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2009

    "I have to too much to lose..." Ah, my friend, here is the crux of it... You have pushed "the button." I am a genetic woman. I do not have the option of exercising male privilege. I am a woman; I cannot pretend otherwise. I make 70 cents to your (male) dollar. You ask me to "accept" your female identify, and I would like to do so... but you are not willing to go there, are you?

    And this is why genetic women who are feminists cannot accept "hetereosexual crossdressers."

    Where a bra and feel like a woman?

    Gimme a break!

    Make 70 cents to a $1 and feel like a woman, more like...!

  4. Anonymous --- I do not fear having "too much to lose" living as a woman, rather I fear having too much to lose living as an open transgendered individual. Comparing your female-to-male pay scale ratio of 70¢ to a $1 with the transgendered-to-non-transgendered pay scale ratio, which is about 20¢ to a $1, I'll take the woman's 70¢ any day.