Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs

Updated Below

Bachelors Degree Online has just published a list of the Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs.
"Whether you’re pursuing a degree from a top-tier college in women’s studies or taking a few online courses to slowly work towards a degree focused on gender, you can find a number of great blogs online that can supplement your learning experience. Here are a few that we’ve put together that deal with a large range of gender related issues. Here you’ll find blogs that range from defining what it means to be feminine or masculine to understanding your rights under law concerning gender and sexual orientation."
Femulate is number 42 on the list and I am honored to be included.

UPDATE: Elaine Armen pointed out to me that Femulate is actually number 11 in the Gender Identity and Sexuality blog sub-list of the Top 100 list. So, now I am even more honored!


  1. The way I read it you are one of the top dozen Gender Identity blogs. That is quite a compliment--and well deserved. Congrats!

  2. Elaine --- I guess you are right! And thank you for the congrats.

  3. Congratulation!!!

    I also think that you are in the top dozen Gender Identity bogs

  4. i belong to a gender identy project at the center in the village in manhattan.