Monday, January 5, 2009

Coulter Blasts Michelle as Jackie Imitator

According to the Daily News, Ann Coulter "blasts incoming First Lady Michelle Obama as a freakish Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis imitator in a book to be published next week."

"Lashing out at the President-elect's wife, Coulter wrote, 'Her obvious imitation of Jackie O's style - the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls - would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint.'"

On the other hand, "Coulter said Cindy McCain, the wife of vanquished GOP nominee John McCain, 'dressed well without freakishly imitating famous First Ladies in history."

So, in Coulter's world, you are a freak if you imitate Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, but you are not a freak if you imitate a Barbie doll.

(Personally, I wouldn't mind looking like either Jackie or Barbie!)


  1. Ann Coulter’s book is not outrageous. She is part of the neo-con, zionist machine. Her books are not controversial, they are neo-con wet dreams. Read a book that’s actually been banned like “America Deceived”, not a corporate-approved Coulter ‘novel’. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on Coulter.
    Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):

  2. Ann Coulter gives trans-women a bad name! - Oliver