Saturday, January 31, 2009

the drag queen is dead, long live the drag queen!

Where have all the drag queens gone? Can RuPaul's new reality show bring them back?

Read all about it here.


  1. 1st comment but not my first read!
    I love your blog so much!
    I know loads of drag queens-maybe because I find them so hot! Crossdressers, Drag Queens...I'm a girl who loves a boy in a dress!

  2. TBS recent "He's a Lady" didn't last beyond a season, and that was on a network accessible by a lot wider audience than "Logo".

    I don't think that "drag queen" is all that shocking or outrageous anymore. Mrs. Roscoe told me that Ru Paul guested on Paula Deen's show, and I don't know how much more mainstream you can get than that.

  3. I have always been ambivalent about drag queens. Some are excellent femulators, but most do not emulate women; instead, they emulate other drag queens.