Wednesday, January 7, 2009

going out without being outed

Among My Adventures in Femulation are two articles, "dining out en femme" and "shopping en femme."

In both articles, I conclude with a list of places where I dined/shopped en femme without any issues, i.e., the staff treated me like any other customer and did not seem to mind that I was en femme.

Those lists seem superfluous today. Nowadays, I dine and shop with abandon.

Sure I avoid some places, but I try to avoid those places whether I am en femme or en homme. For example, I am uncomfortable in a sports bar whether I am wearing jeans or a skirt. I do enjoy sports and at times, I am almost religious about a certain baseball team that sports red hosiery, but I don't enjoy the testosterone-generated hoopla of a sports bar, whether my team is on the tube or not. I am not a macho guy and don't associate with macho guys. And so it goes.

I guess I am lucky/spoiled because I live in an area of the USA that is more liberal, more open-minded, and more accepting of diversity than other parts of the country may be. So, I can dine and shop en femme and almost never run into anyone who wants to take issue about a guy in a dress.

On the other hand, I've dined and shopped en femme in other areas of the country that are not reputed as being liberal, open-minded, an diverse as the Great Northeast and have not run into any troubles there either, so go figure.

I can say that I pass so well and that is why I am so successful in conservative country, as well as, liberal land, but I am not going to say that because I am too tall to pass too far, so maybe I have just been very lucky in my outings en femme.


  1. Stacy,
    Isn't that such a great feeling to go out and pass so well that you really don't worry about being outed? You should create some sort of service award for this ;-)

  2. Hello:

    I am a life long closet crossdresser and couldn't pass the salt without being outed. People are cruel, as well as kind. In our cases, kindness is a blessing. Also, in our cases, 99.9 to infinity couldn't pass the salt without being outed. We are merely tolorated and ignor the laughter. Crossdressing is a fetish gone astray as is all sexuality that is not considered normal. The mind controls the body and when body control the mind, we become we. Bye: Eve Troy

  3. Eve Troy --- If I don't pass, I don't mind being tolerated, but I will not accept being ridiculed.