Saturday, January 10, 2009

transgender & personal identity project

I met Miqqi Alicia Gilbert at Fantasia Fair in October. She is one of the movers and shakers of the Fair, as well as in the transgender world.

A professor at York University in Toronto, she kicked off a new project called "Transgender & Personal Identity." All the particulars about the project follow.

I am please to announce the opening of a new project aimed at investigating the relationship between gender change and personal identity. The project is known as, Transgender & Personal Identity, or TPI, and is funded by the Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

TPI involves in-depth interviews with a limited number of trans persons belonging to one of two groups. The first includes transsexuals who have undergone gender identity change at some point post-puberty. The second are crossdressers who notice marked personality and phenomenological changes when moving into and out of their non-natal gender identity.

Interviews will be held at various conferences and events. Details, goals, and a preliminary questionnaire can be found at Please visit the web site and have a look. Anyone who would like to stay informed about the project can subscribe to the project listserve at the web site.

I will be at First Event this month, and IFGE in February. If you are interested in being interviewed please fill out the form at the web site, and we'll try and set up a time. You can use the form if you are not attending an event, and we can make other arrangements.

Miqqi Alicia Gilbert
Principal Investigator
Department of Philosophy
York University
Toronto, ON


  1. Thanks for posting this, Staci! If anyone is interested, I'll be at First Event, IFGE and California Dreamin'.

    Happy 2009.

    Miqqi Alicia

  2. Miqqi --- You are welcome and Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. Thank you Staci! Once again, you are ahead of us all...
    I will be particpating in this survey. I always support such surveys... one gives of oneself to help others know us... and we also learn something about ourselves and community too..

  4. deborah --- I urge everyone to participate for all the reasons that you mentioned.