Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what I am wearing to the inaugural ball tonight

If I was attending one of the ten inaugural balls in Washington, D.C. tonight, I would wear something edgy, something out there, something that would be very inappropriate for my age. (That's just me; what can I say?)

So, here is what I would wear: a black sequin and leather cropped jacket and yellow silk chiffon dress from Kristian Aadnevik and yellow platform shoes from Gil Carvahlo.

(Wearing outfits like that and now you know why I don't get invited out much!)


  1. Full inauguration day 2009 watch on CNN web-site:
    watch here
    Very nice - is checked ;)

  2. hope it was a good one staci.
    i wonder how old ted kennedy now?

  3. Roslyn Joyce --- Ted Kennedy will be 77 on February 22.