Saturday, January 17, 2009

what happens when men use the women's restroom


  1. Nice cartoon...stay warm Conn.
    Got any pics of the Bosox rookies in drag? Just curious if you consider it worth noting

  2. I always go to the ladies dressed enfemme.
    It would be even more dangerous when dressed to go to the men's.Been doing such since I first dressed by my mother 60yrs ago
    Sometimes I go to the"Disabled" loo when the ladies que is too long
    Ladies rooms are much cleaner and have mirrors. ie at the Sydney Opera house over the basins wall long mirrors atThe walls behind the basins have full length floor lenght mirrors to admire yourself i your evening dress Fix hair and makeup etc
    Joanna Maguire

  3. S --- I never paid much attention to the Bosox rookies in drag because they never look very convincing. However, I did find Jonathan Papelbon's high school drag video interesting.

  4. Joanna --- My Mom used to take me into the women's restroom when I was a boy because she was afraid to let me use the men's restroom alone. Now, when I am a girl, I follow my Mom's lead and use the women's restroom because I am afraid to use the men's restroom en femme. And, in general, the women's is much nicer than the men's.