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Stuff: Maintaining It

By J.J. Atwell

Hello again!

Well, that sounds like a boring topic. Yes, it probably is. But it is a necessary part of putting on your femme persona. 

We use many “accessories” when we get dressed. Obviously the clothes are important, but it’s more than just the clothes. 

My Stuff needs maintenance?

Yes, it does. Perhaps the most obvious thing is that your clothes need to be clean and wrinkle free. Pay attention to the care instructions that you’ll find on the tags of the clothes. Remember that the female version of clothing is often made of more delicate fabrics which may need more careful handling. 

And it’s not just clothes. Don’t overlook your shoes. Look at your favorite pair and check the soles and heels for wear. Is it time to replace them? Look at the uppers. Are they cracked or do they need polish or cleaning? It’s all part of the effort to present as your feminine best. 

Don’t forget your makeup brushes

Something that you might not think about are your makeup brushes. They need cleaning regularly to give the best results. 

How do you clean makeup brushes? It’s fairly easy. You can buy a special product to wash your brushes in or you can just go with a gentle liquid soap. Gather your brushes and clear the area around your sink. Fill the sink with some lukewarm water and a squirt of your cleanser. Wet the brush in the water and work the cleanser into the bristles. Place the wet brush on the side of the sink while you work on the other brushes. When you’ve done them all, drain the sink and rinse the brushes with cool, clean water. Gently squeeze out the water and re-form the bristles. Place the brushes on a towel to air dry, which will probably take overnight. 

Speaking of makeup brushes, here’s a funny story about forgetting them! I was bringing my genetic female friend Alicia to the cruise port and halfway there, she realized she forgot her makeup brushes for the trip! Who does that? We got a good laugh, but luckily we were able to stop at Walgreens where she was able to gather the necessities! Certainly not the quality she’s used to, but it got the job done for her trip! Just goes to show you how important these little things are when presenting as a woman. 

One more thing that needs maintenance – your wig. But that’s the subject of a future Stuff post.

I’ll be back

Yes, there will be more Stuff. In the meantime, comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com. JJ is always looking for more stuff, so if there is something you would like to read about, please let me know!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Rue La La

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson femulating in an episode of Canadian television's The Kids in the Hall.

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