Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Gainfully Employed


Source: Paige
Wearing Paige

Noah Galvin
Noah Galvin femulating in the 2023 film Theater Camp.


  1. A tip of the hat to MAD?

  2. Theater Camp also has the wonderful Patti Harrison, a trans actress playing cis.

  3. Stana, thanks for putting me onto "Theater Camp". I had plenty of opportunities to catch it on the big screen but something always got in my way. I took your feature of Noah Galvin as the reason to watch it online. What a treat! Noah doesn't appear doing femulation until the end of the film -- but what a performance! Totally out of the blue and really good. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. I found it on Amazon Prime. Who knows, one of those streaming services probably has it for free.

    The film also features the Transgender actress, Patti Harrison, as George noted, playing a "wicked witch of the west" type character from the adjacent camp. She wants to buy Camp Adirond Act and effectively doom the theater camp. Booooo! Her deadpan style is on full display.

  4. AnonymousMay 29, 2024

    Once I played a girl in a summer camp show. I was 14 and girls from the girl's camp helped me get ready for my part. I was scared out of my mind, but inside I loved it. I remember one of the girls said that I had to wear pantyhose under my dress.

    Of course I protested and of course I did not reveal to the girls that I'd worn pantyhose and dresses in secret at home.

    Years later, I was dressed up and I encountered a woman I knew on the streets. I was mortified, but she was very nice about it. I confessed my interest and she said it would be "our secret."

    I think she held the confidence and I was grateful.


    1. Hi Grace! Thank you for sharing your summer camp story. It sounds like the kind of moment you'll remember all your life! When i was a few years younger than you in your story, I was in a similar situation. My elementary school was putting on a holiday show and a few boys were chosen to play elves and were required to wear red and green tights. My disappointment at not being selected for one of those roles was so strong that i still remember it to this day...40+ years later!