Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Flight Attendant Simulator

Michelle asked, “I’ve been trying to find a fun video game where I can become my best female self. No luck so far. Any suggestions? I figure you might have a better idea than me.”

I am not very familiar with video games. I played a lot of Mario Kart with my daughter when she was a kiddo and I had a lot of fun trying to successfully land planes using Flight Simulator, but that is the extent of my video games experience. So I am passing Michelle’s question onto you, my readers.

If you are aware of a video game that allows you to become your best female self, leave a comment below or email me at stana-stana at-sign

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Robert Morse (left) and Tony Roberts (right)
Robert Morse (left) and Tony Roberts (right) femulating on stage in Sugar.


  1. It's a big old world when it comes to gaming. IMO, I think it'll depend on Michelle's tastes in terms of action, story, and what equipment she's access to.

    Might be worth a search online for the word gaymer, as that's a growing community.

    The Sims has a lot of trans content as DLC (extra packs) including chest binders and padding,I think. It's very small town and there's also sci-fi or other world add-ons if that's your bag. Should be plenty on YouTube if you're curious.

    That's also 'casual gaming' which can be more story driven, rather than shooty bang bang. Would recommend Lake which is set in the 80s and you play a young woman who moves back to her small town, to help driver mail. Lots of interactions with the townsfolk, and personally, I found that quite validating.

  2. Are we talking about games that allow gender-free character design, ie putting guys in dresses? The Saint's Row games, esp. the newest one mean you can create a woman with a penis, a guy with a dick, change their voice, you can put a muscle-bound dude in a dress, give him pigtails and lipstick...

  3. I remember reading the review of " Sugar " ( with great interest, of course ! ) in the Newark "Star-Ledger" when it first opened on Broadway ! The best line in the review was a quote from Robert Morse's son, something along the line of " Mommy is prettier than Daddy, but Daddy has nicer dresses ! "

  4. AnonymousMay 15, 2024

    I was involved in theater in both High School and College. My Sophomore year at Boulder, the drama department put on a production of Sugar. To my utter surprise I was cast as Jerry/Daphne. At that point in my life my crossdressing had been strictly private. I'd never been crossdressed in public before and I felt very nervous about portraying "Daphne."

    When I emerged from the costume room for the first time dressed up as a woman I felt as if my pounding heart could be heard all the way in the back row of the theater. Our show's director suggested I bring one of my dresses home to practice being Daphne. I'm glad I did because it helped me build my confidence helped me get into her character.

    If I remember correctly we had eight performances and collectively I probably spent more time in dresses during that production than I had in my entire previous life. The girl I was dating at the time was also in the show as one of the members of the all girl band. One time she kissed me while we were both completely dressed up as band members and I found that thrilling.

    I've had some involvement since in a community theater, but I have never played a woman since college. Well Daphne was not really playing a woman, but you all know what I meant. I still crossdress, but it's private.

    However, my group is going to put on Cinderella this fall and I'm going to suggest that the evil step mother and one of the step sisters be played by a man. I'm hoping I'll get cast as the step mom. I asked my wife if she'd object and she said, "go for it."

    We'll see what happens.

    Best to all,


    1. Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories from the stage! You must have been inwardly celebrating such a fabulous opportunity:)

    2. In the UK around Christmas we have the pantomime season and it's traditional for a woman to play the leading boy/man and usually the ugly sisters are played by men but it's all for laughs.

  5. AnonymousMay 15, 2024

    I play WGT Golf as my alter ego.