Friday, May 10, 2024

A funny thing happened on the way to the Gala

I was a satisfied customer of Kiss brand stick-on nails. Usually, I stuck them on top of my natural nails and they hung on until I removed them (by soaking them in hot water). 

On extended outings, I always packed extra sets in case a nail got away from me. On the other hand (pun intended), I have had four-day Hamvention trips and seven-day Fantasia Fair trips without losing a nail.

Awhile back, I discovered that the Kiss was discontinuing the nail style I preferred, so I stocked up buying all that I could find on Amazon and other sources, often at overstock prices. I ended up with over two dozen sets – a lifetime supply! So it seemed. 

I now only have a few sets left including a couple of sets in a style I kept avoiding to wear for some reason. Monday, I decided to wear that set I had been avoiding.

All dressed up and ready to go, I sat down to do my nails. They go on quickly and in less than five minutes, I was completely nailed. But something did not look right and I concluded that I had put the nails on upside down! 

I had a second set of the same style, so I removed the first set and put on the second set right side up, grabbed my purse and my keys and drove to the Gala.

The drive was uneventful, but walking from my car to the museum, I lost two nails! What the heck!

Seated at the Gala, I studied my nails and concluded that I might have put the nails on correctly the first time and when I put on the second set, the curve of the fake nail did not match the curve of my natural nail, thus there was a gap between that the fake nail’s glue could not fill completely. 

I’m surprised I did not lose more nails. And proof that my nail installation was faulty, I removed them all without having to soak them in hot water.

A few words about fake nails.

The fake nails are designed for dainty fingers, not the hot dog fingers that a lot of girls like us have. All brands of fake nails I have tried match the eight fingers on my hands, but matching the my two thumbs is hit and miss (usually miss). That’s why I liked the old Kiss brand that I used – the fake thumb nail was large enough to cover my natural thumb nail.

My point is that a lot of girls like us will run into the same nail size issues. It is probably worse for many of my sisters because girls like us do not have dainty hands. Lucky me, I have my mother’s hands and not the big mitts my Dad had, so once I solve the thumb issue, I am home free.

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  1. Here's a way to get around the problem with stick on nails: Simply use nail varnish (polish) as I do. Every Saturday I remove the old color with cotton balls and acetone, and then put the new color on. I pick a color to go with my dress for Sunday morning, or with my occasional wearing of a man's coat and tie outfit, to go with my tie. NOBODY has ever made me feel uncomfortable wearing nail varnish, even when I wear a man's suit.


  2. I also have the big fingers. I found plus size nails at Sally's beauty supply. I need to color them but they are reasonably priced and I always carry spares when going out. I purchase adhesive tabs on Amazon that still well.*lk8o2s*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4OOt_IKDhgMVlRKtBh3FBgefEAAYASAAEgKcBPD_BwE

  3. I have been using Impress brand nails for years - probably 18 or so - and in all that time I have had 2 fall off. They also offer a "Wide" version that fit my sausage thumbs perfectly.
    Once I tried finding a nail polish that matched the color of my favorite Impress style, thinking I'd paint my thumb nails to match the press ons. Lesson - the color NEVER matches.

  4. Interesting that you posted about nails today because I just had an ad pop up before coming to this column for static nails. Curious if any ladies have tried them before and, based on Stana's text, are they too small for our nails?