Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Two Weeks ’Til Halloween


Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Binh An and Phuong Nag
Yet another modern couple: Binh An and Phuong Nag


  1. I can really relate to the "funnies" picture. Most of my school education was in boys' schools. However they both, primary and secondary did school plays, so there were always parts for "girls". Did I want to participate? Of cousre! But did I? Never. I was scared that the fact that I wanted to be a girl in a play would expose my wish to be a girl. No boys who took the parts ever had any problems in school life, but I was terrified of being exposed.

    Also, I would have wanted to dress the part totally, that is with all appropriate underwear. Now 70 years on, I wait in vain for the invitation to a fancy dress party, themed or not, and would dress for the part with everything a woman would wear. Not sure how I would reply to questions as to where the clothes came from, perhaps something like "Oh I've many women friends. One's only got to ask and wardrobes get opened".

    Well, it'll probably never happen, but one can dreaam


    1. Hi Lily, I can still recall (too many years later to admit) my elementary school putting on a Christmas play and being very jealous of the boys that got to be elves - because they got to wear red or green tights! Not that I would ever admit to that, mind you;)

    2. I was a member of a boys only youth organisation. We would have displays every year which included small plays and sketches. I got lucky as I got girls parts a number of times. In my last year we did a classroom sketch. I was desperate for the part of the female school teacher. The part went to another boy. I remember being jealous of him seeing him wearing a nice blue dress, black bra and tights with matching heels, long black wig and full makeup. To rub salt in to the wound, I didn't even get the consolation of a school girl part.
      Funny I still think about it 40 years later.

  2. I've heard Halloween described as the cross-dressers favorite holiday! So true on so many levels.

  3. My Halloween outings would be "outings" for sure. I always dressed as womanly as possible; dress, heels and hosiery, proper undergarments, makeup and wig. No Super Girl outfits for me.

  4. That Boston Proper dress on the “f emulate her” model is running!!

  5. She looks like she is very into it but he is really worried. I love the way he is holding on to her for support and perhaps protection.