Friday, October 6, 2023

A Hairy Situation

Commenting on Sunday’s post, a reader asked, “Today is the first of the month, and one of the things I do is with a new razor and a special shaving cream after I have covered the area around my breasts I carefully shave off all hairs and hairs on the other parts of my chest. I repeat this again on the 15th. How often if you do at all, do you shave your breast area and chest and other unwanted hair? And your readers do they have a timeline if they shave their chest area?”

I do not follow a shaving schedule. Whenever body hair makes an appearance, I use an electric razor to shave that body part the next time I am naked. 

I use a Philips Norelco Bodygroom* electric razor, which is intended for shaving body parts and not your face. The enumerated body parts include the chest, abs, back shoulder, underarm, arm, leg, groin area. 

I have used the Bodygroom on all those body parts and it did an excellent job of removing the hair without causing a rash. (Not like my facial electric razor which always leaves a rash if I use it on my underarms and the sides of my breasts.)

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  1. Once I started shaving the hair off I couldn't stop. I just loved the smooth skin. Now I look at body hair as icky. I don't like stubble either when it starts to grow back the next day. It "grabs" at my clothes, at my slip for example.

    So, yes, I shave EVERY entire body. That sounds horrible I know. I have an OCD nature. Legs, bikini area, torso, breasts, arms, underarm. Thankfully I have no back hair. So I have smooth legs and arms every day at all times. I have this process down. I just pop in a podcast to listen to and I am done in about 25 minutes. Time goes by quickly listening to the podcast. And I enjoy the "self care" of the process to smooth out the skin, knowing how it will feel afterwards. I have done this process every day for about 3 years since I came out to myself.

  2. Waxing at a beauty salon is my solution. Treated like lady. The older I get the sparser the body hair; reduced testosterone I suppose.


  3. I started using an epilator years ago. Plucked hair grows back thinner and thinner until it doesn’t grow back at all. I now have no hair on my legs or breasts. I left some hair on my arms and under arms as I am not out.

  4. Estrogen does wonders to cut down on apparent body hair. I have been on it for 12 years. There's hardly any hair except my arm pits, facial hair, and on top of my head. I find that a doubles sided safety razor is best for shaving my face and arm pits. When I use the razor on my face I can get close enough so I can't feel the whiskers when I'm done. On the other hand if I use an electric shaver on my face when I'm done my face still feels like sandpaper. What little hair on my legs enables me to use my electric shaver on my legs.
    I have also tried cartridge razors and for me they don't do as good a job as the old fashion double sided safety razor. Besides the cartridges are expensive.


  5. Some time ago a non TG friend told me she did not like pants as she found them scratchy and uncomfortable
    The first time I shaved my legs I found the same
    Unfortunately I did not have the option of wearing a skirt

  6. I never had hair to remove from my breasts, but underarms I shave and legs with a regular razor once a week. My face I have had electrolysis done but there are a few hairs that stubbornly refuse to die off so a quick once over with a razor once a week or so takes of them.

  7. Thanks to the gene pool I inherited I do not have hair follicles on my legs and underarms. It wasn't until I was on my early 50's that I started getting a little hair on m chest which is easy to get rid of. As to my hairless legs and underarms my wife says "It is wasted on a guy!" My daughter did not notice my hairless legs and make a comment until I was into my 60's. I asked her if that was the first time she noticed since I always wear shorts in the house, even in the dead of winter.