Monday, October 30, 2023

Stuff 16

By J.J. Atwell

Hello All

JJ is back with more stuff! 

I wonder how many of us partake in some beauty regimes. As I think about it, I would guess that the answer is most of us. What is your favorite?


JJ frequents a salon that offers various services including massages, waxing and facials. I usually schedule a massage once a month. But on days that JJ is planning on going out, she likes to get a facial that morning. I find it helps me get a close shave before applying my makeup.

A couple of points about getting a facial. First, it really is pleasurable! You’ll experience lots of different sensations as the technician applies and removes various lotions and serums to your face. All you have to do is just lay back and let it happen. 

When going for a facial you’re told not to shave for about 12 hours before your facial. I usually give it a full day. I also schedule it for the morning even if I’m not going out until night.

After the facial, I let my face rest for a few hours. When starting my transformation, I start with a hot shower. I shave with a brand new razor blade, not just once but twice. The second time making sure to go against the grain. This gives a very close shave. That’s very important for me as my beard is relatively heavy. Fortunately, much of it is turning grey, so the five o’clock shadow is less of a problem that I need to cover up. But even so, I need a smooth surface to apply primer and foundation.

So consider getting a facial. Perhaps before your next girls night out!

I’ll be back

I’ll cover more of the makeup process, including getting a makeover, in a future column. Until then, I’d welcome comments here on the blog or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com.

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Wearing Dress Barn

Milton Berle
Milton Berle (right) femulating on a 1959 episode of television’s
The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour.


  1. Hard to say whether Milton Bearle was a civilian or not?!

  2. I like the Wearing Dress Barn.

  3. JJ, I have been getting facials for years and can say that I have always shaved in the morning the day of a facial and it feels great to have smooth skin when they apply lotions/potions. No need to have stubble, unless you plan on getting a chemical peel. Lisa P

    1. JJ here. Interesting Lisa.

  4. OMG blondy you look hot!