Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Traveling Pretty Suggestions

By Tami Knight

I just received notice that the Tennessee wood turning symposium that I have enjoyed in past years is scheduled again for January 2024. I have traveled to both Nashville and Chattanooga attending this two-day program as Tami Knight.

I believe roughly 700 to 800 people attend with 80% or more men. However, there are many women turners there (Women in Turning) who are great artists and have their own meetings and lunches.

The point being, all of us have interests, hobbies, etc. and depending on your comfort level and presentation, you might consider traveling to and attending a large group event such as this (like Stana’s Hamvention trips). Trying a non-transgender-oriented event, but one of interest to females may be just what you need to show yourself that you can do it.

No one at these events has their radar on for you. It is very easy to blend in with all the other women and in fact, make a new friend or two. I have! Attend the lectures, classes and then get out and find a nice restaurant with a new friend in the evening.  

Nearly every woman at this event was wearing casual pants and tops. I did as well, but chose a very casual shirt dress on my last day there (as I would fly home later on) and got many compliments before leaving! I stayed at the Read House Hotel in Chattanooga, really enjoyed it and all the staff were wonderful! Try it.

I also belong to a large women’s real estate group in Arizona. At one program I attended years ago, I sat at a table of eight and we all introduced ourselves prior to the speaker starting. The woman to my right and I agreed to meet for lunch the next day and talk business. Halfway through that lunch in, it occurred to me that she did not realize I was trans, so I told her. She was amazed, but unfazed.

We got together again last year and are meeting again in Scottsdale in the coming week as old friends.

Side story: After the program was over, I crossed the gigantic parking lot to get my rental car and found the battery dead as can be. Turning to make the long walk back in the 90-degree heat, a man in a golf cart pulled up and offered a ride! I was wearing a nice dress and heels, but I jumped in the golf cart anyway. He treated me to a quick tour of the grounds and then dropped me off at the lobby door where I called for a tow. Such a gentleman!  All’s well that ends well.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Frank Puglia
Frank Puglia femulating in the 1937 film Bulldog Drummond's Revenge.
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  1. More than any other contributor, I’m dying to see a photo of Tami Knight!

    1. send me your email, and I will send you a shot! Tami

    2. drop me your email Tami

  2. Love that Ann Taylor suit. Perfect for the now arriving fall! Lauren

  3. Tami great article something different and interesting you are a great example of what is possible if you work at your feminine image don't be afraid get out there girls, I love the story about the golf cart gentlemen and the lady, so validating ---Paula G

  4. Agree with Paula!

  5. Tami is right. No one has their T radar on. Everyois on their better behavior. I tried attending a convention en femme in Phoenix at the big downtown convention center. Tami did more than I did but I had a good time. For any convention, T or not, my goals are to accomplish four things. 1 Meet some old friends. 2 Meet some new friends. 3 Learn something that I can use. 4 Have a good time.