Monday, October 2, 2023

Stuff 12

By J.J. Atwell

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There seems to be no end to stuff. This is the 12th installment and I’m grateful to Stana and especially those that follow her blog for the feedback that I’ve received.


No, not in a maze. But in a rewards program. You know, like frequent flyer miles? But for retail purchases for you in either mode.  

Jennifer belongs to several retail rewards programs and regularly gets coupons or discount offers from them. The programs I belong to are DSW, Soma, Sephora and a few others. So Jennifer’s in-box regularly gets these special offers.  

But I titled this section “Trapped” because that’s just what these offers are designed to do –keep you a loyal customer of that store. Not that this is a bad thing though. Right now I’ve got discount coupons for DSW and Soma burning a hole in my purse. 

Trouble is, Jennifer doesn’t really need anything from those stores right now. Yes, that’s probably hard to believe. After all, what does “need” have to do with shopping?  

There is a certain value in belonging to these programs. If you’ve found a good product/service and want to stick with that retailer it just makes sense to join their club. I always give my femme email address to the women-oriented sites like Soma and Sephora. For others, like DSW, the offers come to my guy address, but often include suggestions for women’s shoes they think I might like. 

I guess I better get this column wrapped up and get on with my shopping for stuff.  

I’ll be back

I’d love to read your comments about how you are trapped. Comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at sign gmail dot com. JJ is always looking for more stuff!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Ladies and femulators at Eldordo
Ladies and genteel men at Eldordo, a glittery nightclub in 1920s Berlin that became a haven for the queer community. Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hated is a documentary now playing on Netflix that explores the story of the nightclub and the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power. 


  1. Like most commercial offers, rewards programs are designed to benefit the retailer, not the consumer. They use psychological ploys to manipulate us. We shouldn't trust them or fall prey to their apparent generosity.

    I like your writing and plan to visit here more often. Hi!

    1. JJ here. Thanks for the kind comments. Please check back regularly. Stana typically publishes a new "Stuff" every Monday.

  2. What you have to remember with all these reward schemes is you don't get owt for nowt
    Translated You do not get anything for nothing,
    The prices you pay will be higher to cover the cost of the scheme
    I do not take part in any reward schemes
    I can go into a store and there is no pressure on me to spend a single penny there

  3. My email inbox has been virtually taken over by unsolicited "free offers" and "prizes" which I neither need nor want. Many of them do not even afford me the privilege of "unsubscribing", which really annoys me as I did not "subscribe" in the first place.

  4. Melissa RobertsOctober 03, 2023

    I joined the Soma rewards program earlier in the year. My wife had purchase some panties from Soma and didn't care for the fit so she asked if I wanted them. Of course I said yes. (there's a whole other story behind that but I digress). Well I loved how they fit me and are super comfortable so that day I went online and ordered some more in the colors and styles that preferred as opposed to the plain beige ones she gave me. I got an instant discount on the purchase for joining which was great but then....the email. Everyday my inbox had some kind of an offer or advertisement and while I loved the chance to see pretty femme undergarments everyday, it became too much and I finally unsubscribed. To your point J.J., I don't / didn't really need anymore stuff. I'll just buy my femme stuff when the mood hits me or when I actually need something.

  5. I recently noticed hotmail is letting ads through on the first line of my in box. I just delete them as I get emails from companies I choose to receive. When I checked hotmail's tab on these unsolicited ads it indicates if I want to be "ad-free" it will cost $1.99 per month. Of course all I do is delete using the trash can next to the ad.

  6. "Eldorado" might be the nudge I need to give Netflix a go. I've read lots about Weimar Germany and how Berlin was wide open in the 1930s. There are tons of photos of exceptional drag queens from many Berlin clubs. For those of us who have seen Bob Fosse's brilliant film version of "Cabaret" there are a few nods to that wonderful history -- There's The Emcee (Joel Gray) in drag doing a number and then there's the beautiful and exotic Rickee Renee moving about the Kit Kat Club, and, of course, doing the ubiquitous men's room shot.