Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday Someday Sunnies

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Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson femulating on television's Saturday Night Live.


  1. Pete Davidson my goodness Paula G

  2. Today's cartoon brings to mind the following:
    I don't even have to doll myself in "feminine" apparel to be read as a woman. I have had interesting encounters going to men's restrooms while wearing men's business casual. One time a walked out of a men's restroom and the lady of a couple approached the men's restroom and the man was approaching the women's restroom. Another time a woman followed me into a men's restroom.
    And yet another time I.was waiting wife to use the women's restroom while wearing men's business casual, and some woman asked me if I was waiting to use the women's restroom.
    But if I were to use the women's restroom I would have to keep.silent, as my voice is.clearly that of a man, and a deep man's voice at that.