Friday, September 3, 2021

What’s in your lingerie drawer?

Ladies like us wear some kind of foundation garment to help us achieve a more feminine figure. We have a lot of choices including various types of girdles, cinchers, corsets, bras, all-in-ones, shapers, as well as garments that have padding to give us the girlish hips and/or butts that we lack and desire.

During six decades of femulating, I have tried just about all of the shapewear options. Some were better than others and the best was an all-in-one I purchased in the fall of 1974. 

I was quite closeted back then and used the Halloween girl costume excuse for most of my in-person purchases. With Halloween approaching, I decided to purchase an all-in-one using that excuse. 

I visited an old school lingerie store to make my purchase. A middle-aged woman greeted me as I entered the store. I told her my Halloween story and added that I wanted an all-in-one.

That probably tipped my hand immediately; how many guys know what’s an “all-in-one.”

The woman used a tape measure to take my measurements. Then she went in the back room and returned a few minutes later with two all-in-ones.

“Take these to the dressing room, try them on and call me so I can see if they fit properly.”

I did not expect such a hands-on sale, but was glad to have it. I quickly stripped down to my briefs, zipped myself into my all-in-one and called for the saleswoman and by doing so, I tipped my hand again.

“Wow - that was quick,” she remarked. (I assumed that her other male customers were not as fast as I when trying on their “first” all-in-one.)

She checked me out and gushed over my girlish figure. I tipped my hand again when my face turned beet red in embarrassment. I could not pay for my purchase fast enough and get out Dodge.

I loved that all-in-one. It was constructed with spring-like metal stays and it gave me a figure like no other. It was my go-to foundation garment for years; I repaired it as needed and I wore it until it fell apart. I wish I could find one like it today! But as far as I know, no one produces anything like it. 

I approximate that all-in-one with a Rago style 2202* longline bra combined with a Rago style 6207* high-waist long-leg panty girdle. I add butt padding to pad my butt.

So what’s in your lingerie drawer? What is your favorite shapewear and why? Let me know by commenting below or via email. 

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Esme Percy
Esme Percy femulating in the 1930 Hitchcock film Murder!


  1. My two favorite all-in-ones that were purchased in person circa 1970, were the 'I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S A GIRDLE' and an Eighteen - Hour all in one, that had Puff type fabric control plus rigid bands. I blushed when I also found on the mark down table another one of a slightly different size. As the clerk was checking me out after I returned with the markdown she asked if I was sure that one would fit 'her'; my reply was OfCourse it would the cups were the same size volume, something that even many women did not know. The look on her face was fantastic! And mine just got redder as the process continued.
    The Adonna longline bra with extra long line 9 1/2 inch midriff and almost bullet soft cups sold under the JC Penneys Brand. Paired with several 195Os Eisenhower Era New Look (almost armored) waist cinchers from great aunt's attic stash and two I found at a church sale combined with my favorite girdles were devine.
    The girdles that were my staple were made by Formfit Rogers under the Sears brand. High waisted super firm control BUT with a shaping back that was Like a pushup bra for The derriere. PERFECTION !!!

  2. as a brit i am assuming that an "all-in-one" is an american term for a corselette, as i have never heard of that myself. although i like the feel of being encased in them, my preference when it comes to vintage foundation wear is girdles, as one can then wear the bra of one's choice.

    i bought my first girdle as a closet dresser in my late 20's from a traditional haberdashery shop in a suburban district of london. they always had a selection immaculately displayed in the windows, and not surprisingly i would always surrupticiously steal a look (trying not to linger too long, as to make it obvious!) whenever i happened to be passing and wishing i could wear one. finally my desire overcame my fear, and i went in and asked to purchase one as a "christmas present for my grandmother". it was quite expensive, and of course i could only guess from looking at the window display as to the right size. i was actually on my lunch from attending a local college course that day, but was so eager to find out that i stopped at a gents' public convenience on the way back and tried it on in a cubicle!

  3. Stana, do you end up with a gap between the girdle and the bra with that Rago combination or is it one smooth line? Us taller ladies want to know!

    1. No gaps. In fact, there is overlap and I am 6 feet 2 inches tall.

  4. Ah, shapewear and foundation garments. I've tried them all, from my mothers 'stays' with stockings (1950's) to all-in-ones, open and closed, not always with success. But I finally settled on a high rise girdle and long line bra as I have a long body . Years ago when I lived in America I brought a Vanity Fair(?) girdle with a waist cincher top. This with a white long line bra gives a decent shape, that is with fewer bulges in the wrong places I also have a black LLB, when black lingerie is appropriate.

    However, going to the Ladies almost requires undressing, so, if I'm going to be out for more than a few hours, I resort to wearing ladies' incontinence pants and pads under my girdle. Took some getting used to but they do work and make for peace of mind

    My BFF says no ordinary woman would wear a 'carapace', but does admit that my shape is certainly better especially if I wear a bodycon dress.

    By the way, nothing to do with foundation garments, she is off on holiday with a group of women friends and departs with some dresses from my wardrobe. I do hope the ladies swap clothes and I'm promised pictures

  5. As a young CD, I loved the look of an all-in-one in the Sears & Eaton catalogues, hoping one day to wear one. Unfortunately, the Bra of the all-in-one lands just below my bust.
    I wear a longline bra & high waist girdle for the coverage I desire, however, I need to satisfy that young CD's dream of wearing a proper fitting all-in-one.

  6. Rago still makes all in ones.

    1. Yes, but they are not constructed like the all-in-ones of the past with spring-like metal stays.

  7. While we're talking vintage lingerie, there is an amazing website that collects catalogs from the forties on.
    Despite the title "Christmas Catalogs and Holiday Wishes" most of them are actually regular catalogs. So if you want to check out all the classic foundations, here they are!

  8. And Formfit certainly has undergone a drastic change, No more do they have garments that will flatter my figure and better display my boobs! Nope, now they manufacture devices to be used after surgery on one's legs or feet! One of their gadgets looks a lot like one I wore for a long time after my foot surgery!