Monday, September 6, 2021

What a case!

Years ago, the cosmetics began accumulating as my femulating progressed, so I bought a small Caboodle makeup case* to store my makeup.

I became an Avon lady and my makeup collection expanded rapidly. Soon I outgrew the small Caboodle case, so I purchased a larger Caboodle makeup case.

That worked for awhile, but I eventually outgrew the larger Caboodle case, too. Since my local boutique (Walmart) did not offer a larger makeup case, I got the bright idea of buying the biggest tackle box* my boutique sold and use it to store my makeup. 

The tackle box did the trick for 10 years. I still accumulated makeup, but whenever the contents of the tackle box approached maximum capacity, I got rid of stuff I wasn’t using, as well as old makeup that was no longer healthy to use (see below).

The tackle box worked out great, but it was too manly. Pandemicly-bored last summer, I decided to buy something more appropriate, i.e., more girly, so I purchased a makeup train case*. 

The train case is big – a piece of luggage, more than double the capacity of the tackle box! 

All was well until I did my makeup Friday morning in preparation for a Zoom meeting. The train case was overflowing. I could not find stuff that I knew was buried somewhere in the case and I had a hard time closing the case when I was done. So after Zooming, I cleaned house again and reorganized what I did not throw out. 

The Zoom meeting was for my ham radio group’s preparations for our annual conference later this month. Naturally, I did my face and hair because they would be visible during the Zoom meeting. I could have worn a woman’s top to complete the picture, but not me. Instead, I went all out and wore a new dress over a full array of foundation garments, thigh high hosiery, jewelry and even high heels (see photo).

Overdressing is my middle name!

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Source: Rue La La
Source: Rue La La

Chris Lemmon and Philip Charles MacKenzie
Chris Lemmon and Philip Charles MacKenzie join Alison La Placa as Vegas showgirls in a 1989 episode of television's Open House. I saw this episode when it was originally televised and in my opinion, Chris looks a lot better than the photo's depiction. In fact, he looked so hot that his TV wife got very excited about his appearance, started making out with him/her and suggested that he dress as a woman more often!


  1. stana, thanks for the cosmetics expiry list! probably like most trans non-regular users, my make-up always goes past its use-by date before it's used up. however, thanks to my thrifty nature there is always a temptation to carry on using it regardless. and that's just in normal circumstances, but thanks to what's happened with virus, lockdowns etc for the last 18 months i've barely worn any at all. so when the time to start being socially active again comes, it looks like i am going to have to throw the whole lot out and start from scratch.

    so, another case of sisyphus (perhaps it would be more appropriate here to spell that "sissy fuss"?) having to start pushing the boulder back up from the bottom of the hill again!

  2. stana it may seem to be faintly absurd to fully dress for zooming when only one's upper torso and face are visible, but i for one understand why you are going that extra mile in order to feel fully ocmfortable in the circumstances.

    i am sure i once read somewhere that whenever barry humphries did his dame edna everage routine, he would always go the whole hog in terms of the costume (even if he was on the radio) in order to fully inhabit the character and be at the top of his game accordingly!

  3. Chris Lemmon comes by it naturally -- his father was gorgeous in SOME LIKE IT HOT (giggle)