Thursday, September 23, 2021

Someday Funnies: The Long and Short of It

Source: Shein
Wearing Shein

Forces in Petticoats
Forces in Petticoats femulating on the London stage in 1952. The Forces were comprised of former British Army, Navy and R.A.F. members.


  1. Not funny, but very cool: This week's Canadian election had a non-binary candidate win

  2. Forces in Petticoats were female impersonators in British Troop Entertainment Companies during the war. They packaged their performances into the show shortly after the war and it stayed popular for quite a long time. I'd be surprised if that big gown would have been part of the WWII shows, given the extensive travel and non-theater conditions, I wonder if it's my size???????

  3. Leslie LangfordSeptember 23, 2021

    That Shein model sure looks like a transgender person to me. Genetic women come in all shapes and sizes, and once we wrap our heads around that simple fact, our nagging fears of either "passing" or "blending in" should be consigned to the dumpster where they rightfully belong.

    1. That Shein model looks wonderful and I love the dress , feminine is feminine and that's all .