Wednesday, September 15, 2021

I Resemble That

Unless you get down in the weeds and read all of this blog’s comments, you may have missed my comment exchange with Mikki over the weekend. 

Someday Funnies used a movie still from a 1930’s film starring Robert Montgomery.

Mikki commented, “Ooooooh, Robert Montgomery femulating. I'd like to see that!”

My research failed to find any occurrence of Robert Montgomery en femme, but I did offer the image above as the “Best I can do.” That’s Robert’s daughter, Elizabeth, in the photo and the facial resemblance between father and daughter is striking.

It’s ironic how females often resemble their fathers, while males often resemble their mothers. I know in my case, I resemble my mother while my sister resembles my father. There are photos of me en femme where I look just like Mom. And lucky me, I not only inherited her looks, but I also inherited her legs.

Personally, I think that my legs are ok, but other people have convinced me that they are more so. My legs always receive good grades. My mother often said I had beautiful legs (“you should have been a girl with legs like yours”). My wife and other women have admitted that I have nicer legs than they do. A friend's spouse even nicknamed me ”Leggy.” 

Would you believe that in her youth, my mother was also nicknamed “Leggy.”

And so it goes!

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West booties

Robert Vaughn
Robert Vaughn femulating in a 1983 episode of television’s Hotel.


  1. As far as girls resembling fathers - my two nieces resemble their fathers. My sister used to take them shopping when they were young... and it REALLY pissed her off when they assumed my brother's daughter was hers, and that HER daughter was her niece. But looking at them... anyone makes that mistake.

  2. it's the (wo)man from A.U.N.T.Y.! i've always liked robert vaughn, but with a chin like that he was never really cut out for cross-dressing. his U.N.C.L.E. co-star david mccallum was much better-suited, but sadly never did to my knowledge...

    1. one U.N.C.L.E. guest star villain who dragged up for the occasion was horror legend boris karloff, seen here with "girl from U.N.C.L.E" stephanie powers and vaughn. the latter actually looks like he's doing a bit of cross-dressing himself, with a tunic that looks like a mini-dress plus hose and pixie boots!

  3. I've noticed the same thing, and it's definitely true in my family. I look more like my mother, and my sister looks more like our dad. I've openly remarked at family gatherings that "I'm clearly a , and she's clearly a ."
    And yes, when I'm femulating, I sometimes think I look just a little TOO much like my mom. It's kinda eerie.

  4. Weirdly, I've just put a post up on my own blog about suddenly being struck about how much I resemble my mother in a recent photo.

  5. The Hotel episode:

  6. After buying a new wig in Columbus Ohio I was Gobsmacked by the resemblance to my sister

  7. For years I've wanted one of those white ascot blouses that Shari Belafonte and Heidi Bohay wore on "Hotel."