Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Words of Wednesday

Who Wore It Better?

No contest. The lady on the left wore it better, but the lady on the right was a close second! By the way, the ladies are wearing mock neck ribbed dresses from Venus.

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Source: Intermix
Wearing Isabel Marant

Casper Castello
Casper Castello femulates in the 2011 Danish film Ladyboy.
You can view a clip from the film on YouTube.


  1. actually, I prefer your pumps to her booties with the dress....

  2. The contest is closer than you imagine... Looking good!

  3. Pumps or heels, (I cant see the heels in that shot), YOU have 'the edge' on best style.
    Femulators really know 'their stuff'. We have been on the sidelines, looking at such 'forbidden fruit' with longing and projecting for soooo long...
    This is a case of what one sees in a LOT of 'fashion shots' (both print and broadcast video), it is not too hard to spot the MISMATCH in the photo. The boots really dont work all that well in this instance. The color of the boots should have been matching with the dress, or black suede. White 'go-go' boots would work well....
    Matching/contrasting purse? Always.

    My wife and I always watch and critique the 'Trendy at Wendy' portion of the Wendy Williams show....
    Sometimes, it is the 'Buyer' for the retail store chain who simply cant see the entire clothing line as a SYSTEM FOR ADDITIONAL SALES that has to be in a harmony of styles as well as colors. Some 'store buyers' 'just dont get it'. Some are later unemployed.
    OTOH, the model in the tomato red sweater and black leather skirt, with black knee high boots.... yowza! There is a thing or two not quite right in the shot, but I will leave that for you to discern.

  4. stana: your "contest" with that young (bio) female clothes horse reminds me of the 80's high-jumper milt ottey. he was well under 6 foot, yet he competed at international level with guys who were several inches taller than him (and thus far better-suited in that regard). yet despite giving that advantage away, he won the commonwealth title twice and was at one point ranked the best in the world. i would say you are in a similar category i.e. perhaps not naturally suited for the "event", but defying the odds all the same!

    by Velma

    I post using FIREFOX browser. I post to Femulate, etal… using the PRIVATE MODE in Firefox. I have been using FIREFOX FOR YEARS on an exclusive basis mainly for privacy reasons.
    Recently there have been problems with my post simply disappearing into the ether. It is not my nor Stanas’ or Rhondas’ fault.
    I doubt it is because of any efforts of censorship on the parts of Stana or Rhonda, ( I have politely inquired and somehow, the post simply ‘poofed’) yet, I damn well realize there are times when I ‘go off the rails’ occasionally….. (Hey, they got MEDS for that! ;-) ).
    It seems that when one attempts to click on ‘ ANONYMOUS POST’, THE POST IT GOES AWAY-- the only way to post is through Google and give up your email address along with email password. I have simply created another email address in Google in order to keep some semblance of anonymity inside of our community.
    Any effort to post through ‘anonymous’ fails to work or not ‘go through’ on a reliable basis.
    But yet, in spite of my best efforts some of my posts go ‘poof’….
    This time, I have written the post on my LibreOffice Freeware/cheapware software, as my ‘cheapo’, 10 year old computer didnt come with a wordprocessor or a video program, without paying extra to Micro-squish, I figure Bill Gates is rich enough, so I went shopping for freeware…
    I plan to post this by pasting a copy into the post frame in the blog.
    I figure this whole issue is something to do with a software conflict, --way above my pay grade--, so I will hope to do this ‘work around’ for the time being.
    Anyone else experience problems?
    Firefox users?


    1. Velma, it has happened to me too, so you are not alone. I can't figure out why it happened, but it sure has motivated me to keep my comments short!

    2. Perhaps you trying tor instead ? Its a browser that does not keep or store your details it also encrypts your conversation from your isp

  6. Velma it also has happen to me on many blogs using Chrome and other browsers. You might want to try they started as web only word processor back in 1996, with two other Companies competing with them in an area where the net was not fast enough to work well but they have improved over the Decades. The other companies were bought by Google for their Google Docs suite and by Microsoft for their server side start in online word processing. For me their extensive offerings have been truly nice.

  7. I have had a similar problem using Firefox and Libre and posting anonymously
    It only happens now and then so I assumed that my post was not being approved by Stanna