Monday, June 14, 2021

Wigging out at QVC

Is that a fella wearing a QVC wig?
Occasionally, I watch QVC if they are selling fashions (and there is absolutely nothing else on TV that I want to watch). Although I have been tempted a few times, I have never bought anything from QVC. I just enjoy seeing what they are showing and the pretty models that are wearing what they are showing.

A few days ago in the 1 AM slot, I was surprised to see products I had never seen QVC sell before: wigs and hair extensions. They showed some nice wigs that I would not mind wearing, but I was scared off by their price – the prices were too low, which indicated that they were cheap wigs. (The most expensive wig was $109 or thereabouts.)

In my opinion, QVC’s normal prices are high. If $109 is the price of the most expensive wig they sell, it is a very cheap wig – equivalent to the $39.99 wigs you can buy from Paula Young and elsewhere. And it is not a wig you will ever see me wearing.

I could be wrong. Maybe these are great wigs at bargain basement prices. So I was wondering if any readers have any experience with QVC wigs, specifically the Toni Brattin brand. Please comment below or email me at stana-stana (at sign) and give me the low-down on QVC wigs.

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  1. i don't know if QVC have bargain basement clearance specials as part of their broadcasts or not, but i would say two things indicate that might be the case to me:

    1 - the time of broadcast. i would have thought that most of their target audience would be asleep at one o'clock in the morning, so maybe they see that as "dead time" whereby they can get rid of stuff they can't sell at normal prices as discount/surplus stock?

    2 - i would suggest that the wig in the pic in is a vintage/classic style that was quite popular 20-30 years ago, but less so today. as such, they may be of reasonably high quality with a price tag to match at the time of manufacture? however as "end of line" stock, QVC's suppliers may be having a clearance? although these are only guesses on my part, so purchase at your peril!

    i am also making the assumption that if a quality wig is not worn and kept in sensible storage conditions, then there would not be any reason why they should be any worse in terms of wear and tear since the day they were made - be it years or even decades ago? but again, that is mere conjecture on my part.

    but let me put it this way: if i were a customer of QVC, then i would seriously consider buying at least one of the wigs on offer - even if it turns out to be only good enough for clubbing, or to do the housework in!

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2021

    This is a story about cheap wigs. When I was in 6th grade in a large parochial school in 1964, I was an alter boy. We had monthly alter boy meetings and the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders rotated monthly the task of putting on a theatrical skit. One month the 8th grade alter boys put on a skit that had two main female characters. Two twin boys played the girl's roles and wore their mother's dresses. For hair they wore those play plastic wigs that girls used to get for costumes. The plastic wigs looked liked something the Rolling Stones wore on the album cover when they were crossdressed.
    Anyway, the priest who was the "adult in the room", and wore his full cassock, was quite pleased.
    Angel Amore