Friday, June 11, 2021

Fridays are for Femulating

In Your Dreams Dept.

My Father’s Day Wish will only be my Father’s Day Dream.

I mulled this over for days and concluded that yes, it would be wonderful to dine en femme with my family to celebrate Father's Day, but even if my family agreed to fulfill my wish, I know that they would feel uncomfortable doing so. And I would feel bad knowing that they were uncomfortable and no one would have a good time.

As an alternative, I will dine en femme on another day – maybe with some other femulating fathers or at least, with some femulating friends.

Out and About Dept.

Encouraging you to femulate out and about among civilians is what this blog is all about. With that in mind, I started the new Femulating Out and About slot below, which features photos of girls like us out in public.

If you have a photo of you out and about en femme in public, I would be happy to feature it in the Femulating Out and About slot. 

By the way, “out and about” does not mean femulating in your home, your back yard or in a hotel room. Rather, I am looking for photos of girls shopping, dining, partying, sightseeing, etc. – doing things that women do out among the civilian population. 

Hopefully, your out and about photos will encourage other girl to go out and about, too. 

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company


  1. Stan, How do we post on out and about pictures. I try to get out and about weekly. Today I had lunch at the Irish Cottage in Methuen, MA . In expensive and friendly. If any others who need help getting out. Contact me on Face Book

    1. Send your photo as an attachment to an email addressed to me: stana-stana at-sign

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2021

    Really LOVE the idea of adding an Out and About section!


  3. Is it just like Jerry to OVERTHINK EVERYTHING?
    (play guitar riff, fade out of scene, end of show.)