Wednesday, June 16, 2021

T Pride

At Trans Pride
LGBTQ Pride month is half over.

I have never attended an LGBTQ Pride event. I just don’t feel like I belong.

On the other hand, I did attend Trans Pride in Northampton, Massachusetts, and I was thrilled to participate. Those were my peeps and you could feel the love of the trans community. And I would go again if there ever is another local Trans Pride event.

Source: Paige
Wearing Paige

Lily Roberts out shopping


  1. Sally StoneJune 16, 2021

    Lily, you look terrific! I keep wanting to send Stana photos of my own adventures out and about but two things hold me back. The first is I'm not particularly photogenic and second, I'm guarded about frequenting social media with my femme image.



  2. I hear you. I'm still struggling with belonging, like truly belonging and not just being an observer. Hopefully you will have local events again soon!

  3. YOU should be there.
    Your peeps will be there too.
    Bring more peeps with you.
    Enjoy the day, as you are granted them...
    Your clock is ticking....

  4. Going shopping, dresses, make-up, shoes, even to the beauty salon for pedi and waxing, no problem Theatre and cinema not a worry, but I don't carry a camera everywhere, so no pictures. The big bucket list "to do" is to be measured for and buy some expensive lingerie. Bras panties and girdles all bought in shops where you just pick and pay.

  5. I am very hesitant to participate in Pride Events in my home town - mostly because I am still not out to many friends and family here. So I try to support "en drab" but desire to do so "en frilly".