Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Still Too Good To Be True

There is a lot of trans stuff on the Internet that is the product of people’s imagination, wishful thinking and Photoshop.

Spend a few minutes viewing a few trans pages on Pinterest and you will see photos of purported transwomen who look too good to be true. Same thing on YouTube. 

For example, the photo on the right was on Pinterest purporting to be a young fellow en femme, when in fact, the “fellow” is a cisgender female, not a femulator.

I smell a rat when the whole video has a musical soundtrack that masks what is really going on; you cannot hear any conversations that might reveal the truth, nor can you hear the voices of the “girls.” Another giveaway is when the video does not permit comments (no news is good news).

A little research can also reveal fabrications. A video from an academy in Peru showed male students getting dressed to kill as girls to pose for the school’s fund-raising calendar.

I was suspicious because the calendar was dated 2014, but the video did not appear until 2016, not to mention that the whole video had a masking musical soundtrack and comments were disabled. 

I did a little Googling and found a handful of other videos from the academy. Turned out that the boys in those videos were youngsters, whereas the “boys” in the calendar video were high school or college-aged.

This issue came up again recently when a reader commented about an impressive male-to-female transformation video on YouTube and I called it out as a fake. 

Another reader wrote questioning my conclusion, “...did he hire about 75 people for this ‘phony’ ceremony? The person who was his mother is really an actress? She is shown with him in both male and female mode. Are you implying that the girl is not the boy but a female?”

My conclusion was that the video was originally a shoot of a girl’s Quinceañera and that the person faking the video edited and added captions to tell his “story.” 

The tells:

👎You never see the boy being transformed from a boy to a girl; you just see the finishing touches being applied to the girl’s makeup. 

👎When the boy appears next to his grandfather, he is noticeably shorter than grandpa, but when the girl dances with grandpa, she is noticeably taller. No high heels are that high!

👎A musical soundtrack masks the whole video so you cannot hear what is being said. If the video was really what it was purporting to be (i.e., a boy’s Quinceañera), it would have been interesting to hear some of the things being said about this role reversing event, for example, the mother’s introduction of her transformed son.

By the way, I have been guilty of publishing trans fabrications, too. I try to weed out the fakes, but sometimes I miss the obvious. For example, an old post about boys wearing bras contained references that revealed its obvious fakery. When a few readers pointed out what I had missed, I removed the fake immediately. And just yesterday, I deleted a photo that had an obvious head replacement – not so obvious to me until someone alerted me to the fakery.

Other times, people have written first person accounts that have elements right out of trans fiction. I took the writers at their word, but some readers wrote to me that the stories were “too good to be true.” Without proof, I find myself between a rock and a hard place, so I let those posts live on in infamy with a promise to myself be more careful in the future.

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  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2021

    Yes , wasn't easy , but Finally have left thoughts of and thinking of femulating to walk the narrow path with God .

  2. My big complaint has been those memes about crossdressing that are well written, but use photos of GGirls. I brought up this issue a few years ago, and was challenged to actually do something about it, so I started putting together my series I called the "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day. I have received many favorable comments, so I think many ladies out there agree with me. I devoted 2 of my blog posts to the series.

    1. In spite of the apparent deceit, these persons seem to be trying 'be that person' in one way or the other, as best they can at this time. Who they wish wish to truly be has been deeply repressed.
      Think of this as a way to relieve that sense of longing to change, but for now, they cannot 'jump'.

      "We project our sense of self upon the other".
      Jacques Lacan-- French Psychoanalyst


    2. Understood, Velma. I'm not saying they need to use their OWN photo, but should try to use an actual crossdresser instead of a GG. That's all.

  3. About the video you mentioned Stana, several things don't add up... the word "quinceañera" is not used in Perú. AND ONLY girls get a bash for their 15th birthday, boys don't. I know this because I was raised in Lima, Perú's capital, and am totally fluent in Spanish. Finally, the said video did not show any place in Lima that I could recognize

  4. Dear Stana, I recommend you this site it belongs to Fabricio Castro.
    He and his team worked as makeup artists in Hollywood. When they were unemployed, they dedicated themselves to doing makeup at home.
    One day they asked him to put makeup on a young man who was going to turn 15 years old and wanted a quinceañera party. Now, apart from his makeup job, he also turns boys into quinseañeras.

    1. Seems like the channel deleted all their content

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2021

    Pinterest is such a cesspool for this fake stuff, and so are Tumblr and Youtube. Anymore, I just ignore as garbage anything that is not directly from the person portrayed, or from a news source. Flickr is the best Femulator content site on the Internet. Probably 95 percent of the pictures there are real and from real people directly. On Pinterest it is probably only about 20 percent.

  6. AnonymousJune 09, 2021

    Check out the comments under this video where people discuss Fabricio Castro's fakes

    1. I have been fascinated with Fabricio Castro's, but the whole pretense of a family paying to fly in a team of make-up artists to transform a boy into a girl and then having an expensive Quincera party??? For a boy??

    2. AnonymousJune 10, 2021

      Btw we never get to see any of the actual makeup artists. How curious in these times where Youtubers must show off their faces non-stop :)

  7. I'm always amazed that people post fake crap. Like whats the purpose? Some one trying to fulfill a fantasy? It's just odd. Theres a whole youtube channel dedicated to what you are describing, and I'm sure we are speaking of the same fake youtuber. It's odd huh..

  8. AnonymousJune 10, 2021

    Would you consider posting the known fakes and discuss the tells. This would make an interesting and enlightening post.

  9. AnonymousJune 10, 2021

    there sure is a lot of phony stuff out there but on this one I think you should punt.1st of all-the vendor (Castro) has a bunch of these videos but there are no comments on the internet about them being phony. secondly-some of them show all stages of the transformation including materials used.In a few there is no doubt that it is the same person (eg.brides). In the case referred to Bernardo is SITTING with his grandfather so how can you make a height comparison? Yes-no dialogue but they are speaking in Spanish with a poor attempt at English subtitles. And Castro's approach is almost always using young boys only and throwing a Quincera party.To agree with your position you would have to believe that Castro is a total nut who creates all of these videos to lure customers and his entire business if a fraud.

    1. AnonymousJune 10, 2021

      Look! It's Esteban Larrache!

      Look! It's Rafaela Kozoroski!

      They are the same person!
      There are others too that aren't hard to find.
      These are obvious fakes all down the line - some not so great editing of other people's work. Take it for what it is, but this is not only fake, but stealing others material.

    2. AnonymousJune 10, 2021

      Fabricio Castro even used some Miss Gay footage and pretended it was his own transformation. Later it was deleted. Well, at least that one was a real femulation...

  10. AnonymousJune 12, 2021

    The fakes that drive me crazy are the innumerable before and after photos, where's it obvious that they aren't the same person, and often one or both of the photos are of someone moderately well known.

    Unless they're from reddit, most of the before and after photos I've seen are fake. Why would someone go through all that effort to create fakes?

  11. AnonymousJuly 01, 2021

    The videos of Fabricio Castro are clearly dubious. For example one video supposedly from 2017 has a makeup artist wearing a face mask. Despite that I still watch them. The appeal is we like to imagine we live in a world where such things can happen and such a business would be viable. Exposing them as fake would be like explaining to a child what the real deal is with Father Christmas. The person making them is presumably living out a fantasy of what it would be like to run such a business or be one of the “boys” in the videos. Most of the viewers probably watch the videos as just entertainment. The ethics may be dubious but he’s not taking money from anyone or offering false hope.