Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What’s going on?

I have been an interested observer of the gender revolution for over 50 years. And it seems to me that today, more males want to be females than ever before and they are doing something about it.

Today, males are crossdressing with great abandon. 

Wig sellers claim that males are their biggest customers after cisgender women who need wigs for medical reasons. Similarly, males are the biggest customers for breast forms following woman who need forms for medical reasons.

Foundation sellers claim that males are their biggest customers for girdles and corsets – womenswear that were almost history, but have been brought back to life by the demand of males who are getting into female shape. 

Although, the majority of middle-aged and senior crossdressing males are still closeted, there is a growing minority, who are out and about experiencing the world as “weekend women.” And there is a subset, who have abandoned the male life altogether and are living full-time as females. As a result, consultants teaching males how to be females is a booming business.

Meanwhile, our female peers are less likely to present themselves in a classic feminine manner. Slacks and trousers have replaced skirts and dresses. Shorter, simpler haircuts are popular and many mature women have abandoned cosmetics as a frivolity rather than a necessity. Do middle-aged and senior crossdressing males miss the “classic feminine” females and are trying to fill the gap themselves? 

Younger crossdressing males are less closeted than their older sisters. They grew up in an era when crossdressing was more mainstream and more acceptable. They are often encouraged (or at least, not discouraged) to crossdress by their female peers, just as their mothers encouraged them in womanless beauty pageants that seem to be an integral part of 21st Century school life.

As more and more females become the breadwinners and relegate their husbands to househusbandry, there are cases where the male embraces the wifely role by crossdressing either voluntarily or by force from their spouse. Male housewife crossdressing is a very small segment of the gender revolution, but it does exist and if we believe that the “future is female,” it is likely to occur more frequently in the coming days.

The transsexual population is growing, too. The old joke (Question: What is the difference between a crossdresser and a transsexual? Answer: Two years) is not a joke. Many males find that crossdressing is a stepping-stone to transsexuality and today, it is easier than ever to get the hormones and surgery for a sex change. (As compared to the “good old days” when you had to live full-time as a female for a year before the doc would write you a prescription for hormones and beyond.)

Every week, another celebrity comes out as transsexual, transgender, gender fluid, etc. Trans people are showing up in films, television shows, as well as in the commercials that pay for the television shows. We are more mainstream than ever. And now we have the support of the federal government, so we are not going to fade away despite the wishes of the so-called “Christian” evangelicals.

So that’s what’s going on. The next question is “Where’s it going?” In the future, will you ask a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up – a girl or a boy?”

Source: Moda Operandi
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Nancy Ng
Nancy Ng dining in a Benihana-style eatery


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2021

    Dearest Stana ,       What's going on ? Well we know history , there's nothing new under the sun , before Rome fell the same thing was going on , if fact the parallels between the US and Rome are stunning , so it's common when a civilization is about to fall , that's what is happening , which we are .. But please post your picture  wearing your new Fathers Day dress with your cute short wig .

  2. You are so correct.
    My wife's a school teacher and 10 years ago transgender students were unheard of. Today most schools high schools and elementary have more than one transgender student.

    I suspect many caterpillars will return from a year of working from home as Butterfly's.

    The cross-dressing sub on reditt has over 162,000 members and most are in their 20's. Just think the cultural change they will bring as they reached adulthood.

    Also this pride month has brought so much more talk and coverage of transgender issues. Everyday I hear something about transgender persons.

    "Informed Consent" has made getting HRT quick and easy. Also in the 90's your general practitioner knew nothing about trans issues or HRT today the younger Dr's are being taught about transgender health in medical school.

    Interesting factoid about wigs, breast forms and foundation garments. In the 90's I was given the cold shoulder in several wig salons. I walked into a wig salon a few weeks ago and was treat great, you could tell I was one of many.

    Just curious where you got the information about cross-dressers being the second most common customers for wigs, breast forms and girdles? Is this anecdotal? or are marketing professionals tracking this now?

    1. A friend of ours, is part of the prosthetics industry. Incidentally, he is also a crossdresser! He claims industry insiders are quite aware that approx. 46% of breast form sales (no questions asked!) go to males. These prosthetics sales stats do not count the poorly made 'cheapies' from China.
      A part of the growing interest in this wave of feminine gender awareness is that WE SIMPLY CAN! We now have the financial as well technological means to competently and realistically 'look the part'. The first time I saw the then 'new' silicone breast form systems-- I KNEW I had to have a pair, but the price was then too steep-- $400+/per unit.
      Years ago, there was barely a clothing industry that furnished stylish plus size clothing for women, let alone clothing for crossdressers.

    2. AnonymousJune 24, 2021

      Just talking about kids in school being corrupted into a trans habit shows the INTENSE GUILT OF Trans -Femulators , wanting to legitimize themselves and divest themselves of rightly held guilt  of crossdressing as opposite their gender ! 

    3. AnonymousJune 24, 2021

      It's time for all of us who have the temptational desires to Cd-femulate to repent and emulate our genetic gender we were born with .

  3. Good post - great points.

  4. I've always said it's girls like me who are keeping the pantyhose business afloat these days.

    1. AnonymousJune 23, 2021

      Without older males expressing their feminine side, the pantyhose industry would be kaput.

      Angel Amore

  5. AnonymousJune 23, 2021

  6. AnonymousJune 23, 2021

    "Do middle-aged and senior crossdressing males miss the “classic feminine” females and are trying to fill the gap themselves? "

    There might be some truth to that, to some degree. For me, I dress in a style I enjoy but would be looked at as a classic, modest feminine look. And it is a look I emulate from ladies from when I grew up.


  7. AnonymousJune 23, 2021

    My observations in the world of "gendering" is that of course males would be a huge market for breast forms after mastectomy patients as very few non-mastectomy real women would buy or need full forms. Shapewear including girdles and corsets is somewhat of a surprise unless you are including males that buy them for the fetish aspect.
    Wigs, I have my doubts that the cisgender women market would be that small. I know modern chemo patients don't loose hair as readily but a lot of females have female pattern baldness. The market for wigs in the black female community is huge. The solon I go to in Saint Louis, run by a Korean woman caters to the black female market, yet she will happily serve crossdressers. What I can't understand is why catalog outfits like Paula Young have so few wigs in sizes larger than medium.

    Angel Amore

  8. AnonymousJune 24, 2021

    After under-dressing" for years with lingerie underneath my male drab - and wearing socks in my bra - I finally decided about 20 years ago to "go for it" and try and achieve my best 'femme' self.
    I had the help of a supportive lady in a specialist bra shop who couldn't have been more helpful - she treated me as a woman customer from the get-go. With her help, she showed me how to choose an 'outfit' and she came to my house one morning and did my make-up for me.
    I'll never forget the moment I saw the new 'me' in a full length mirror - I could hardly breathe as I realised that the woman in the mirror was actually me.
    I think that was the greatest day in my life.. and I remember thinking how could something that felt so great be so bad in the eyes of many 'out there'.
    It took me years to be able to speak honestly to sales ladies - but it marked a turning point for me once I was able to. I can only remember one lady in a shop who refused to help me - just the one. By contrast, I found many women responded positively to my honesty and couldn't have been more helpful once they realised I was serious in my desire to dress like a proper woman..

  9. AnonymousJune 27, 2021

    I love that picture of the couple at the top of the page. Is there an interesting article, where it came from?
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. The only thing I can tell you about that photo is that it depicts a crossdressed couple. Sorry, but I don't recall any other information regarding the photo.