Monday, March 15, 2021


Some people seemed concerned that when they receive a compliment about their appearance (“You look great”), the person making the compliment is really saying, “You look great... for a crossdresser.”

So? I would rather look “great” for a crossdresser than look lousy for a crossdresser!

I appreciate any compliment I receive, whether the person making the compliment reads me as a crossdresser or not. Perhaps, the nicest compliment I have ever received was, “You look better than most women I know.”

You can't get much better validation than that!

Wearing Andrew Gn
Wearing Andrew Gn

Shingo Katori femulating in the 1997 Japanese film Hong Kong Night Club.
Shingo Katori femulating in the 1997 Japanese film Hong Kong Night Club.


  1. So true. Even a "Lovely dress" said in passing on the street is a wonderful compliment. We all need to be appreciative.

  2. I agree! Even the smallest compliment is enough to brighten your why question any unspoken words or meaning? Say "thank you" and smile:)

    I have received many compliments from women (hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, legs(!), eye-glasses, purse) whilst 'enfemme'. It is always quite a rush as well as ego boost.
    Often the compliment implies a reciprocal response in the form of a compliment, or perhaps a brief passing social comment, especially if this verbal transaction takes place in 'the shopping environment'.
    I am practiced with a demure, somewhat surprised 'oh, thank you'. AND follow with a reciprocal compliment regarding that persons attire, or perhaps a comment on an item in the persons shopping cart...
    Often this opening line leads to a conversation...
    So it is best if you are observant as well as honest in your observations.

    Could you imagine having a similar transaction regarding clothing (not team jersey/ball cap) with another man whilst in 'guy mode'?
    Not likely...

  4. Dear Stana ,   The desire to femulate is very strong , but the desire to walk Gods narrow path is the Only Holy  One to be desired . Good by ..

    1. ?????????
      Really? As a born again Christian who has cross dressed for 90% of my life, I have struggled with this question. I have found that I can do both. And so can you.