Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Angela shopping
By Angela Booth

Angela wrote the following in response to my recent posts about being effeminate.

I wonder if you carry a hammer around as you keep hitting the nail on the head. 

As a child, I was innocent to the ways of the world and knew that I liked women for what clothes they wore and I enjoyed wearing them, too. Society at that time did not respect any deviations like that. You were considered gay, which was illegal back then, or a sissy boy. Oddly, drag queens were revered and camp characters were seen as fun. Express a desire to crossdress and you were down in the pit of hell.

Like you, I was not good at sports and was bullied because I wasn’t manly and seemed to prefer the company of girls. I was never a manly man as I had these feminine traits. Being of small stature with blond curly hair didn’t help either. It did help with crossdressing though. I did what I had to do to gain acceptance.

Whatever I did, I couldn’t shake those feminine traits or desire to be feminine in appearance. I began to like women in a sexual way, but still wanted to dress like them. 

I still retained those feminine aspects, this effeminacy as you rightly say. This was endearing to women and they appreciated you for listening, understanding or being empathetic, but put some off because I wasn’t the ‘man’ they wanted. Such was this empathy I was once told that I should have been born a girl! I wondered if I was.

Embracing crossdressing has been the answer for me, too. It compliments my nature and is quite natural. I got over any guilt and, like you, live a happier life. 

UPDATE: I updated the link for the Femulator video below.

Wearing ModCloth
Wearing ModCloth

Piotr Gawron-Jedlikowski femulating C.C. Catch on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo. You can view this amazing femulation on Facebook.


  1. These articles make me wonder if personalty is dependent on sex, current thinking, or something else
    That would explain people like us and women with more masculine characters

  2. a friend of mine had the same approach to effeminacy as I did -to survive from being beat up on a regular basis -we buried anything related to effeminacy. how you ladies made it to your age in 1 piece amazes me!! emily

  3. Very nice article by Angela , easy to identify with !

  4. Somehow the video was blocked for the US. But I went to the main site and found this very interesting impression of Madonna by Michal Kwiatkowski, which contains footage of him rehearsing. This is a very costume-heavy video and Michal looks very good.

    1. It was working when I posted it! Anyway, you can view the Piotr Gawron-Jedlikowski femulating C.C. Catch video here:

  5. Such wonderful words Angela! I think these are sentiments to which many of us can relate. Even though I grew up doing "boy" activities, I never really felt to be "one of the boys". I always seemed to better relate to the girls...not necessarily the subjects they talked about, but the typically more gentle and caring way they approached each other and life. Dressing enfemme (even if only in private) makes me feel like I'm living more harmoniously with myself.

  6. Thank you for this article. I feel the same way. Growing up I tried to bury my feminine side because society said I couldn't be that. I was an athlete. And looked very masculine. But I wasn't macho. But I buried my feminine side. Now I have come to terms with my non-binary feminine side. I live life so much better now.


  7. I might be wrong ? , but , I do not think one is Effeminate If they are strictly faithful to their wife , when they have to express their natural repressed femininity privately once a week , by wearing cute dresses , heels , tights and wig etc , to feel normal weekly .