Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I'm Batgirl

My favorite comic book superhero was Batman. Whereas the other superheroes had all the super powers, Batman had all the cool gadgets, a cool costume, headquartered in a cave and used the bat for his symbol ― can't get much cooler than that!

Pop worked in the comic book factory that printed the Marvel line of comic books, but he had to have a kid who preferred a character from DC, a competing line of comic books. I appreciated the Marvel superheroes and read many of their books religiously, but Batman was always Number 1.

Fast-forward to Halloween 1995 and in honor of my favorite superhero, I attended my support group's Halloween party dressed as my version of Batgirl. 

Wearing Andrew Gn
Wearing Andrew Gn

Simon Hanselmann, cartoonist


  1. You should do a little feature on Simon Hanselmann, a really interesting person with a great attitude and great look.

  2. So! Your secret identity was Stana!

  3. I loved the Bat man TV show, however it wasn't bat girl, it was Julie Newmar as Cat woman, (SIGH) I imagine myself riding the cat cycle as she would and hoped to have curves like that some day. What 9 year boy thinks such things?????

    Interesting years later Julie Newmar became the subject and inspiration for To Wong-Fu

    1. I have always been mesmerized by Julie Newmar as Cat Woman.
      Especially her with the black vinyl outfit featuring a BULLET BRA.
      Anyone else ever experience a bullet bra?
      Wife and I have matching gold tone satin cup bullet bras from Secrets in Lace.
      For those gurls wondering.... the 'pointy part' of the bra is filled in by a tiny, conical foam and satin 'falsie'. Optional, at extra price, but necessary for the proper look. DONT use tissue paper..

  4. I was in love with Yvonne Craig as Batgirl when I was a kid. That costume was so sexy. I so wanted to dress like Batgirl. It was only a few years ago that a Batgirl costume very much like the one from the TV show was available. I loved wearing it. Yet, sadly, I still haven't yet worn it to a Halloween party, for one unfortunate reason. It's really difficult to get excited about not wearing a dress!!