Friday, March 26, 2021

Nice shirt, by the way

Back in the spring of 2010, when I informed Human Resources that I was transgender, I actually informed the HR Director of the division of the company that employs me. The HR rep for our location was out on that day and the Director, who happens to have her office in our building, was sitting in for our local rep.

Let me tell you about the our local HR rep. She is a drop-dead gorgeous blond in her late 20's. She seemed to be friendly with some co-workers, but she was always aloof with me.

For example, whenever I encountered her and said, “Hello Amanda,” she rarely said, “Hello Stan.” Usually just a cold “Hello” and sometimes not even that.

Things changed dramatically after I came out to HR. The HR Director informed our local rep about my transness because I am our local rep's direct “problem,” not the HR Director's problem.

Anyway, after coming out to HR, our local HR rep became downright friendly and she never misses calling me by my name when we exchange Hello’s.

One day, I wore a shirt that has a blue floral print. I bought it in the men’s department of Walmart, so I know it is a men’s shirt. However, there is no doubting its floral design and some guys might shun such a shirt as being too feminine or at least, too diverse.

Anyway, I ran into our location HR rep today, said,  “Hello Amanda.”

She replied, “Hello Stan” and then she added, “Nice shirt, by the way.”

I was very surprised by her compliment and thanked her for it.

Go figure.

Maybe she feels that I am safe now. I am just one of the girls and no longer one of those guys who would like to bed her.

And so it went.

Wearing Nina top and Frame shorts
Wearing Nina top and Frame shorts

Paolo Ballesteros femulating in the 2016 Filipino film Die Beautiful.
Paolo Ballesteros femulating in the 2016 Filipino film Die Beautiful.
You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.


  1. I hope they did not actually say your being transgendered was a "problem".

    1. Using the word "problem" in my post was a poor choice of words. HR was very supportive. The HR Director rewrote the company policy to include gender in their non-discrimination rules and they told me that whenever I was ready to work as a woman full-time, they would fully support me.

    2. Please forgive my paranoia of 'corporate types'....
      After years of experience inside a large corporation, I would bet my last nickel that the minute you had your conversation with HR,the higher-ups had you tagged as a possible minefield of lawsuit potential, and to handle you with kid gloves, should issues arise. I am glad to hear your experience was positive.
      The corporation where I worked had two 'help lines':
      1-800-COVERUP and 1-800-WHITEWASH
      After your complaint was called in, the entire problem (especially safety/OSHA) had completely disappeared before you got to work the next day... Problem? What problem? Why do you have such a bad attitude?
      BTW, the phone lines were run by a secondary answering service/subcontractor (read: corporate firewall), so if matters did advance to a level of having to take legal action, you would not have a way to document your initial complaint.

  2. If the HR lady thinks femulators  are not attracted to women she's wrong , we are extraordinarily  attracted to women !

  3. I too own a men’s blue floral shirt (the flowers are tiny and delicate and connected by a fine filigree of green tendrils). It gets so many admiring comments from women that I wish I had owned it twenty years ago! All I need is a dress with this pattern.

    And are you planning on going to work in Stana mode?

    1. I am retired, so no work for me in girl mode or boy mode.

    2. not even as the Avon lady?

  4. I'm a fool for Hawai'ian shirts, so I have dozens of them, maybe 15-20% are women's tops. Some years ago when I was still an active dancer, one of my favorite dance partners got me a really nice Hawai'ian shirt, mainly pink with countless flowers and Pacific scenes. Oh, it was a woman's 2X shirt, by the way, fem sleeve cuts, buttons on the distaff side, but no darts. I loved it!

    We arranged to have dinner a couple weeks later. Naturally, I wore the shirt she gave me. But apparently it was supposed to be a joke. "You weren't supposed to wear it out!", she exclaimed! I told her it was no big deal and how much I liked the shirt. So I wasn't going to figure out a way to change tops and she wasn't going out with a man in a ladies top. No dinner, and from then on, a reluctant dance partner. I still wear that shirt, as it's still one of my favorites.

  5. Floral patterned shirts were the height of fashion for men under 30 years old in the mid 1970s
    I still have one or two
    I think they must have shrunk as I cannot get into them

  6. until recently, for many years i kept a flowery shirt designed for men (given to me by a grandmother) as an occasional part of my "mufti" wardrobe. but when i put it on to go out for the evening when staying at my mother's (about 25 years ago), she sneered at how effeminate it was and tried to chide me into changing into something more manly!

  7. Well I guess the Fair Lady 'Amanda' had never heard of the phrase 'Trans Lesbian' !!!
    One of my College Girlfriends was named Amanda....she learned what the phrase ment! We both liked the phrase before she moved on to Pharmacy School.
    As a land mine, Miss Stana was rigged, primed and ready to set crosslegged as legal counsel with a degree!

    Sara Blevins
    Roanoke, Virginia