Friday, March 19, 2021

New on My Lips

I am always willing to try something new especially in the cosmetics cosmo. And as an Avon Lady, I see new cosmetics all the time.

I use Avon lipsticks exclusively, so recently I was intrigued by a new line of lipsticks offered by Avon. Called “Flat Velvet Lipstick,” the packaging is different from any other lipstick I have ever used. Rather than your typical cylindrical lipstick in a tube (like the Femulate Her banner below), Flat Velvet Lipstick has a rounded rectangular tip (see picture).

When I apply lipstick from the classic cylindrical tube, I use a flat lipstick brush to transfer the lipstick from the tube to my lips. I do so in order to get better coverage and to apply the lipstick more accurately along the lip line. I thought that flat tip of the new Avon lipstick might work similarly to the brush. Also, Avon claimed “the innovative tip prevents colors from feathering or bleeding,” which is a very good feature.

I ordered a Flat Velvet Lipstick in London Red, tried it and liked it. It allowed me to put the lipstick where I wanted it, so I can eliminate using a lipstick brush. And as Avon also claimed, the “silky texture glides over lips filling up fine lines and creating a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.”

I was very happy with the Flat Velvet Lipstick and ordered it in two additional colors, Rose Pink and Darjeeling Red. I can‘t wait to wear it out – it will look lovely when I remove my mask!

Wearing Likely
Wearing Likely

Blogger Cyrsti Hart of Cyrsti's Condo fame


  1. I DONT 'GET IT'
    Lipstick should be GLOSSY-- not 'flat' or 'velvet' or 'suede' textured.
    Women should have BRIGHT, GLOSSY, WET, INVITING LIPS that symbolize 'yes'.
    Flat colored lipstick (as uncolored unmade lips do) sends a dull, 'not interested' message....
    I am amazed these products sell, much less, were allowed to be developed and marketed. Didnt the marketing geniuses ever read ANYTHING regarding subconscious symbolism? Lips symbolize more than lips....
    As for the packaging....
    Yeah, it is NEW AND DIFFERENT, but...
    The traditional round 'spiral up' tube works splendidly to dispense lipstick in that perfect, and precise pointed tip...
    The very ownership and masterful use is most certainly a symbol of female sexual availability in an of itself; as well as of the operator being able to master the art of that subtle double curve of the top lip... perfectly formed and balanced beginning at the web of the upper lip.... The sign of a skilled femulator...
    It seems these re-designed, re-marketed 'new models' cycle 'in' and 'out' of fashion world as did the 'ultra wet', 'ultra gloss' lip gloss in the swab equipped tube has in recent years.

  2. I always like to blend two or three types of lipstick together to create definition and depth on my lips

  3. Sally StoneMarch 19, 2021

    Love your color choice Stana. I love any shade of lipstick as long as it is red. I stopped using conventional lipsticks years ago and transitioned to lip paint. My go to is Maybelline 24. It stays on until I take it off, it doesn't bleed into those fine lines around my lips and it is pretty much maintenance free. Without the top coat (which does wear off and needs to be reapplied after eating or drinking) it gives my lips a matt look. Glossy look with the top coat. The newer formula doesn't dry out the lips, even after wearing it all day.

  4. Thanks so much for the photo credit. It was a real surprise!
    I am humbled and flattered.

    1. You are very welcome, Cyrsti. I just regret that I did not have a photo of us together at Dayton way back when.