Thursday, April 16, 2020

Where have all the civilians gone?

Over 11 years ago, I used the word “civilian” here for the first time to differentiate the femulating community from the non-femulating community, that is, the civilian population.

Occasionally, femulating does occur in the non-femulating community, for example, when boys dress like girls to participate in womanless beauty pageants, womanless fashion shows, womanless weddings, womanless fishing tournaments or just to dress pretty for Halloween.

Less frequently, some of the civilians femulate so convincingly that it makes me wonder if they are one of us rather than a civilian. Their outfits are perfect, their makeup is perfect, their hairdos are perfect and they know how to walk perfectly in high heels with perfectly shaved legs.

Over the years, I probably posted hundreds of photos of civilians who I thought looked too good to be simply civilian, but I was never able to confirm my thoughts.

Until now!

Out of the blue Monday, I received an email from a reader who admitted she was one of the civilians whose womanless event photo I posted here as someone I thought was too good to be simply a civilian!

She sent along some recent photos and she is absolutely gorgeous. She certainly is not a civilian!    

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Jackie Maye
Professional femulator Jackie Maye, circa 1955


  1. Is that her in the photo?

    1. The boy shown in the photo next to the article is not the femulator in question. The femulator in question has asked to remain anonymous and I will not reveal who she.

  2. Where can I find a list of Womanless fashion shows and pageants ?
    thank you

    1. I am not aware of such a list. One way to learn about such events is to set up a Google alert to send you emails whenever the word “womanless” appears on the Internet.

  3. It is that "HELLO!" moment; remarked a friend, (now a regular crosdresser) when he first saw his image transformed into a rather striking woman in a 'transformation salon' in Las Vegas. "I can DO THIS!, I look BEAUTIFUL!".
    And so the civilian enlists....

    I also think this 'need' has a lot to do with what Melanie Klein, a psychoanalyst specializing in mother/infant relations, and what she referred to as 'mothers affirming face' gazed upon by the infant, instilling calm from anxiety.

  4. I guess this proves that your "Fem-dar" is working just fine! :)
    As an actor I have portrayed a female on stage many times, and one of the hardest things for me was to not "give it away" -- being too comfortable in heels and like that. I attended a themed birthday party last year - Femme Famtasy - where everyione was encouraged to attend dressed in some form of Femme Presentation. Being a bunch of actors, the outfits were wide and varied, from simply putting on a wig to full drag. I chose to let Julie out for the night, and one of the ladies spotted my "non-civilian status" right away. I confessed, shared with her, and as a result acquired a new Sister Friend! She has been very supportive and encouraging.

    1. Just thinking -- you went to this event with a bunch of actors, people with sharp instincts of observation. I'm guessing Julie was ready and willing to be "discovered".

      I was much older than the typical Femulator when I started going out more actively -- in the daytime! Initially I went in female "stealth" casual clothing when I went clothes shopping but finally went full-on, dresses and all. For a while I looked around before heading to the car, but one day something just "clicked" and I went into the "If they find out, they find out" mode. If only I had known how free this made me feel I would'a done it sooner!

    2. MikkiB--Guilty as charged! ~~~giggle~~