Thursday, April 9, 2020

What’s New

This will be short and sweet.

My body temperature started going up Monday evening. During the next two days, it fluctuated between 100℉ and 102.5℉.

Tylenol is my friend and I awoke Thursday morning back to normal... 98.6 ℉ degrees.

I had no other symptoms of the coronavirus, but I was worried nonetheless.

I am wiped out by the experience and plan to take a break for a day or two.

And so it goes.


  1. Take care of yourself. Watch out for other symptoms...I've read of people who started with mild fevers, recovered, and then had other symptoms occur.


  2. Scary! Glad to hear you are feeling better, take care of yourself!

  3. Take care of yourself! Rest and do all the stuff you need to do to get through. Write when you feel like it.

  4. Hi,

    I have never commented here, though I love your blog.

    I have the Covid-19, or at least I have had all the symptoms. In fact I had this for a while. I realized I must have this when I read about the loss of smell. My 3 beautiful big dogs have their pee/poo pads and I had noticed I was not smelling that. Their poo has a smell that should never be smelled. This was 2 to 3 weeks ago. The last week of March the dry cough, tight chest feeling, 100F temperature and the rest abated. However, Monday it all came back but now it is not as apparent.

    So hang in there. This was for me fairly mild, but it is persistent and I have been sleeping over 10 hours a day. It may be the same for you. If you though have great difficulty breathing get to an ER fast.

  5. Get well soon Stana,
    Best Wishes,
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  6. Take care Stana. Sorry I won't see you next month. Glad you're felling better.

    Calie xx

  7. Stay Healthy, Stana. You are a national treasure....

  8. I am glad you are feeling better. I had a mild sinus infection about 10 days. My problems started a few days after being near someone who is now on life support from the Corona virus. Mine was simply a sinus infection but it was still somewhat frightening.

  9. Please take care of yourself! Everyone, please!

  10. I hope it wasn't "it", but if it was, you should probably isolate yourself from your wife and use separate bathrooms if possible

  11. Stana -

    Get better quickly!

    Take Care


  12. Rest up! Hope you get better quickly...


  13. Stana

    Lawrence explains it and the key is the lack of smell

    Pets can interact with carriers and when you pet or hug your dog pick it up of their fur

    The issue is the difficulty breathing

    I am sure you already are abiding by the 2m rule hihi. Avoid 70cm by all means

    Be safe

  14. Rest and take care of yourself. It is Holy Week even for those of us who have lapsed. For your spirits I recommend you listen to the sound track for Jesus Christ Superstar. It incorporates the basic story and may make you feel better. It works for me.

  15. So glad you're feeling better, Sweetie. Stay Safe and Healthy.

  16. Take care of yourself, Lady. Just remember that if the fever returns or a dry non-productive cough starts, please get a hold of your Doctor. It may not be Covid but it could be something else like bronchitis

  17. Wow! Hope you feel better :)

  18. Make sure you drink lots and lots of fluids!! Keep those kidneys healthy!