Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Go Figure

This presentation moved one of my
friends to ask if I was on hormones!
I mentioned in my previous post that I lacked a female derriere. And I gave up trying to do something about it because the results were not satisfactory and more trouble than they were worth. I will forgo the padding and femulate with the narrow waist and wider hips that my girdle and long-line bra assimilate.

Although I lack a female derriere, Goddess has blessed me with female breasts. I assume I have Gynecomastia, but I never sought out medical help for the “problem,” so I don't know for sure.

Personally, when it comes to Gynecomastia, it has been a cup half empty or cup half full scenario.

In my youth, the cup was half empty.

My peers abused me and bullied me because I was a feminine boy, which was bad enough. Revealing my breasts just gave my abusers more ammunition, so I avoided participating in any activities that involved going topless because when I went topless, it did not always go well.

For example, I will never forget a game of touch football at a family picnic. I was unlucky enough to be on the skins team and my breasts were bouncing around during every play and became the object everybody’s attention (so it seemed). When one of my uncles made a crack that some of the players needed bras, I was so embarrassed that I had to hold back the tears.

However, as I got older and began to embrace my womanhood, I learned to appreciate my feminine body. When I wore a revealing blouse, I discovered the joys of Gynecomastia ― add some push-up bra inserts and a little makeup and my breasts rivaled many women’s breasts.

Today, I am proud of my breasts. They bring me joy because they so represent being a woman and I am proud that I am a woman. Even when I am in boy mode, I just have to touch my breasts to remind me that I am a woman and it brings a smile to my face.

So, as an adult, the cup is half full (actually, the cups are nearly full).

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Shia LaBeouf
The girls give Shia LaBeouf a makeover in a 2000 episode of television’s Even Stevens.
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    'NUFF SAID....

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDorthTFfZ0

  3. I think, that for those of us that have had to suffer the stings of verbal as well as sometimes physical abuse caused by Gynecomastia, how we have come to embrace (no pun intended) our breasts. I remember in my youth, how the boys would make fun of me and would grab my breasts. And how the girls would act like they were jealous and tease me that I had more than they did.
    As I got older, the teasing got less and less but never ceased. Now I look around, after 60+ years, and have to snicker that several of the males that bullied me, now have their own set of breasts.
    As for me, I embrace how I have grown into the woman I feel I am and how my breasts allow me to project that feeling. As you said" All it takes is touching my breast to make me feel like the woman i am."

  4. The comment by your uncle reminded me of how insensitive and cruel some adults could be towards children. I remember a physical education teacher making a similar remark to a classmate of mine, publicly humiliating him in front of the entire class. Things may be a bit better now, but there are still too many ignorant and insensitive people around.


    1. What really hurt was that I liked my uncle! I never felt the same about him after that incident.

  5. "the cup is half full (actually, the cups are nearly full" We love it! Certainly more than half full - enjoy!

  6. You are not alone in your dilemma. Your body fits well into normal parameters of feminine shapes. Lots of us girls would enjoy having a full front and a slender behind -- it's an enviable situation.

    As a biological female "Of a Certain Age" (I am 61) I can commiserate with you about not having a feminine backside ... I used to have a round, full bottom. Sometime in my 50s all that fat mysteriously migrated to my belly, leaving me as flat as a flivver on the back end. It has meant endless hours of altering trousers, jeans, and skirts to fit the "new me," and having to consult otherwise-unread chapters in books about fitting clothing.

    Still, this old body is basically healthy, and has served me well enough for decades. I wish you health and joy, as ever.

  7. I was gonna say... if the cup's half-full, you need to get a bra fitting.

  8. "...any activities that involved going topless because when I went topless, it did not always go well."

    I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that too. I do wish others would think of them impact of their words, but that may be a big ask.

    On the upside, now I know who I am, the extra curves are much more useful and appreciated. :-)