Monday, April 6, 2020

Miss Stana Muses

Help! I Need Somebody Dept.

Saturday morning, my wife asked me for assistance. She did not know how to tighten her bra straps and wondered if I knew how to do it. Of course, I knew how and I adjusted hers to her liking.

Needless to say, I was very surprised that she did not know how to do it herself since like me, she has been a bra wearer for over 50 years! I guess she was just lucky and all her previous bras fit fine from the get-go.

Sean Hayes Femulates Dept.

Sean Hayes plays a woman in a new film titled Lazy Susan. You can view the trailer on YouTube and read all about it at the Advocate.

For those who are keeping score, Hayes is femulating in this flick because he playing a cisgender woman and not a transwoman! Watching the trailer, I’d say his femulation is very good.

(Thank you, Jen, for alerting me about this film.)

Source: Macy's
Wearing Jessica Howard

Five fellows femulating, circa 1925
Five fellows femulating, circa 1925


  1. Really interesting interview, Stan's, and the trailer looks good too. The gags seem to be coming from a good place, rather than the usual tired sources. I hope it goes well for those involved.

    1. "Stan's"? Apologies for the missing A, Stana ;-)

      Autocorrect,no pudding for you tonight. :-P

  2. Having seen "Lazy Susan" as well as checking the reviews, it's a mess. What Mr. Hayes doesn't understand about casting is that it's not just about opening opportunities for the disadvantaged but also about how life experience informs performance. His performance as a woman, trans or cis, is without depth, nuance or vitality because he just doesn't have the experience to bring to the role. Lazy Suzan may want to grow up to be like Allison Janney's character, but that character shines for the same reason that all of Ms. Janney's characters shine, the way she brings them to life by investing them with her own deep experience. There is a reason the movie is a direct to video release and not around awards time, because it falls flat on the performance of Mr. Hayes.

  3. This isn't the type film I often go to see, but there are a number of compelling features that I find attractive. First, it's an indie film done my New York based actors, and they tend to be of higher acting quality. I always think of "The Daytrippers", a brilliant film done by New York based actors, when I see this sort of "dramedy" appear on the horizon. Then there's the fact that "Susan" has been one of Sean Hayes' characters for a long time, so he's "comfortable in her skin", so to speak. And Hayes' acting ability is lots better than most people give him credit for.

    The casting is sensational and Hayes' family characters are also generally as unattractive as "Susan", so she fits right in. The trailer doesn't give us any hint that this film will be a farce, so "Susan" won't be held under that kind of scrutiny. My interest is piqued, and since I have Amazon Prime I think I'll give it a look. Too bad I don't have the up-to-date equipment to have it on my TV, but I have a nice big screen on my PC. I'll provide my feedback and hope others of us can do the same.

    And seriously, if any of you haven't see "The Daytrippers", figure out a way to watch it. This "little" film was snapped up by Cannes. Watch it and you'll see why I use the word "brilliant".

  4. Yeah, Adjust that bra.... Had a similar issue with my own bra yesterday. Then I helped wife with her new bra with way too skinny straps, considering the load..
    Perhaps you should have called in "The Crane, cable and Riggers Union" for a professional knowledgeable in manipulation of pulleys and cables and such...
    No two bras are designed with the. Same straps, ect...
    Didnt Howard Hughes get his start by designing Jane Russels bra for her in "The Outlaw"? Movie dubbed 'the first bosom western'. NOT the last....
    Yesterday I did an inventory of my bras, ect.... The count was 34 of various cup sizes and styles. The reason was a friend in the prosthetics business sent me a "TON" of his excess inventory of breast forms (he is also a C-D er). I can go from a 42A to B, thru 42DD and then to a positively humongous H that friendused in a dragact.
    They draw way too much attention for public display....
    But are a real experience some women have with back pain, ECT.....
    Velma. a

    1. I totally understand how genetic women suffer from back pain. My preference is my bigger breast forms. I haven't any idea of how many pairs of breast forms I have, probably 9 sets ranging from ones offering a small uplift to a solid C. The surprising thing is I'd rather the silicone ones over wearing the foam ones. Who knows the number of bras I own, probably 20.

      I agree, no two bras are the same, even when you buy two on the same hanger. I've had some in grey ones fit while the black ones seemed like they are two sizes smaller but they were bought new and pinned to the hanger at the factory.

  5. I would imagine taller girls, and special girls, are more used to making adjustments in their bras, or extending their garter straps, etc... we don't fit off the rack as well as our 5'6" 130 pound sisters....

  6. You gotta admit, as a crew, all the '1925 gurls' got nice gams....

  7. Love the shoes worn by the "five fellas" in 1925. Shoes then were elegant as well as comfortable, something, somehow beyond shoemakers today. Made of course, entirely of leather, including, leather linings, the heel tips and decent workpersonship (my P.C. acknowledgement).