Friday, April 10, 2020

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This morning, I had an online video examination by my primary care doctor.

He concluded that I had symptoms of coronavirus and needed to be tested.

I drove to his office and one of the staff came out to my car and handed me a prescription for the test. Next I drove to a hospital in Waterbury and got in line for their mobile corona virus test (conducted inside their parking garage).

Only six cars ahead of me, so it did not take long. I never had to get out of the car, but that test swab up the nose is nasty.

Expect test results in 24 to 72 hours, but I probably won't hear anything until Monday because my doctor's office is closed over the weekend.

(Lots of unprintable expletives under my breath!)


  1. hoping for negative....

  2. As long as you still have a breath under which you can make those expletives, huh? My daughter, who owns a daycare, was tested the other day, and had to wait two-and-half days for the negative test results. Of course, she had to shut down her business throughout all of it, and lost some in the process. I hope your test results are the same. We "Sexy-genarians" have to be careful!

  3. I hope you test negative, but if you do have it have you thought about where you might have picked it up.

    1. In the last four weeks, I have been stuck on the premises. My guess is that it came in on the groceries delivered here two weeks ago or it came in on something delivered by USPS/UPS/Fedex/Amazon. Those have been my only contacts with the outside world.

  4. Dear Stana,

    I hope your test result shows that you do not have coronavirus.



  5. Fingers crossed for you Stana! We all live under the ominous black cloud drifting overhead and I worry about my 96 year-old mother constantly.I honestly hope the best for everyone!

  6. Here are prayers that you test negative. What differentiated you from having the flu?

  7. I hope that it is just allergies. I'm nervous because I have to go to the Cape and back tomorrow.
    We already have a MIA from COS, one of the new members dropped off of Facebook and efforts to contact her have failed. Her cellphone voice mail is full and no one answers her home phone. She has COPD.

  8. Best wishes, Stana! Whatever it is, I hope you are feeling better soon. We need your bright and feminine presence.

  9. Oh dear Stana, we're all praying for you

  10. Here's hoping that the test comes back negative! And you're right about how much fun the nasal swab is..YUCK!!!!

  11. Let me translate for you: &%@@#%!, #^*@!, *@%$@^$&#^&*! and so on......

    A friend told me, "Your place is so messy no self-respecting virus would be caught dead there". These days I'm happy to have left-handed compliments!

    Hang in there, Hon' Keep following the guidelines as you either dodge the bullet or recover. We love you!

  12. Stana

    We pray for negative test results Honey so now you need to tightly self isolate until it is known

    Lack of smell, lot of coughing at night, running nose, pounding headaches is what I went through but it was too early in the wave to even think it was COVID as my doctor and I had no clue. I did have congestion and wheezing

    There has been cases of spreading on packages or even grocery so maybe your right

    Even so you may have a mild case, I think i had a medium one because a strong one woukd have made breathing very difficult


  13. Stana

    We as a community pray for you and care about you

    Keep us informed

    Love Paula