Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Meds are working and the thrush is going away slowly.

Started eating “normally” again. Last night I had tuna on rye with some potato chips on the side, but I could not eat the chips because they are too “hard” and irritated the thrush lesions. Had a slice of homemade Easter babka that my sister baked using my Mom’s recipe – it was delicious. Washed it all down with a glass of milk.

Had my first cup of coffee in over a week this morning with a stack of pancakes and maple syrup. Until now, hot drink was an irritant, too. Missed my coffee, so I am glad to be able to drink it again.

Lost another pound on the scale this morning. I am now at my lowest weight as an adult. Probably have not weighed this little since grade school. I am now at the “ideal” weight for a woman my height (not to mention a male), so I would like to maintain this weight after this all blows over.

Yesterday, I tried on a couple of recent purchases without any foundation garments and they looked very nice on me. I can’t wait to get dressed full femme and photoshoot all my new outfits, but that will have to wait until the lesions on my face circling my mouth heal.

And so it goes.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Toma Ikuta
Toma Ikuta femulating the 2011 Japanese stage production of Madame de Sade


  1. I'll take that all-in-one - weight is just a number, but inches SHOW!

    That femulator is ridiculous. I know, and I still can't see a sign. If I was a GG I would be MAD and jealous he looks so good.

    1. Toma Ikuta is a great example of the huge grey area between male and female. I spend way too much time online and have seen how well Asians femulate, with their smaller body features. I do my best to avoid envy! Clearly, Ikuta, fabulous dress aside, "became" a female with some good makeup. But it's not exclusive to Asians -- just look at ballerina Chase Johnsey, a smaller man who is simply beautiful in his/her tutu.So much for hiding my envy!

  2. Praying you stay on the road to recovery. Losing weight due to poor health isn't the way to do it, but it can serve as a motivator to keep it off. Best of luck to you!


  3. Dear Stana,

    My favorite photo of you is the one of you standing by the staircase in a lovely flaring A-Line skirt. I love flaring skirts and dresses more than straight body-hugging styles. To me, the flaring style is SO FEMININE. You periodically post that lovely photo, and I always love seeing it. You look so feminine and girly in that ensemble.



  4. Glad to hear that you have not become another number in the present pandemic. Thrush is nasty but easily taken care of with the meds the doc prescribed. Just take it easy with the weight loss. As Terri pointed out the loss is a great motivator but could degrade your immune system.

  5. Glad you are on the road to recovery AND not dealing with being infected with COVID-19. Stay healthy, happy, and gorgeous! I still look forward to your Blogs every day. You instill hope and always inspire.
    Hugs, Heather

  6. Back in the early 1970=s I had a friend who was a terrific femulator out in my company's (SDS) headquarters in L.A. He had an irregularity in his bite that was finally repaired by realigning his jaw. That meant wiring his jaw shot for about 2 months. The liquid diet solved his overweight problem -- and then some.

    After my friend's wires were removed I went to HQ to run a benchmark for a potential customer (we won the contract) and went to see him and his wife for dinner when I arrived in town. There were two gorgeous women at their house! His small features had been hidden by his extra weight and now he was the same size as his wife and even though I'd known him for years I couldn't recognize him as a man, much less as my friend -- until he talked to me using his male voice, that is. I was astounded by the effects of his/her weight loss.

    I know your weight loss isn't as significant, but it is amazing how we can be affected by becoming thinner. After recovering from a serious health problem 7 or so years ago, I found myself 2 dress sizes smaller, and it made a considerable difference. Too bad I didn't get a different head, but the rest of me actually looked good in my dresses! Can't wait to see your updated photos!

    1. Thought I should clarify some of my last reply. When I started working for SDS I found The Queen Mary on my first extended visit to LA. Though not quite as good as the ladies of The 82 Club, the girls were fabulous. They had a large room for the performances and a back bar which used to be full of DQ/TS/CD people.

      I met my friend on my second factory trip. He was in charge of our company's "business software", such as it was. He participated in helping to close a sale. I was a benchmark specialist of sorts and would travel to LA quite often. One night I was talking to a couple ladies in the back bar at The Queen Mary when one of them said, "You really don't recognize me, do you"? It was my friend the software manager. My jaw hit the floor!

      We became good friends and I met his wife and kids. They were smaller people, both around 5'5" and being that size certainly enhanced his ability to pass, which he did very well. When I was out there with enough time to go out his wife encouraged us to go out together. She said she felt better when he wasn't alone, as he had been beaten up more than once.

      I had a hiatus with SDS for a little over a year, but returned. Soon after getting back I was hired out to another region to run a benchmark, mentioned previously. I hadn't seen my friend and his wife for 15-16 months. The change after that amount of time was stunning. Instead of being a terrific Femulator he, or should I say "she", became undetectable.

      When the company was bought by Xerox the writing was on the wall. In about 4 years they had moved almost all of our considerable brainpower into Xerox and then just gave the rest of the company away. My friend and I lost touch along the way.

  7. "Had a slice of homemade Easter babka that my sister baked using my Mom’s recipe" Yes Yum!!!!

  8. Sally StoneApril 16, 2020


    So glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope full recovery comes quickly.